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Chair Crush | One Kings Lane

Hello All,

Who's ready for another furniture inspiration?

Recently, One Kings Lane contacted me again to feature another accent chair.  But not just any chair...  "What's your Chair Crush?" 

If you missed the first one, you can find it here and you can see my chair eventually featured on their Home Decor Resource Guide DIY- Sitting Pretty .  (That is pretty cool, huh?)

But how can I chose just one chair to crush on?  I do have an obsession with accent chairs.  I'm almost like the cat lady that keeps taking in the stray's when it comes to chairs.  I just can't say no. 

I'm always looking for ones with good bones, classic details, one that is easy to re-upholster, and of course, cheap.

Here are some gorgeous inspiring accent chairs that you can find now at One Kings Lane

Dawson Velvet Bergère, Navy
Obsessed with these one-of-a-kind vintage Louis XV-style accent chairs.Moselle Side Chair, Gold

You can imagine my excitement when I found this 'little lady' reminiscent of a French Bergere chair. My ultimate chair crush!  Definitely French, and most likely a reproduction.  She was only $35 at a thrift store.  

 I guess you could call her a 'blue light special'.  I saw the potential, do you? You have to look real close, but it's there.

I was instantly drawn in with her details...the wrap around panels with cane webbing.. the feminine lines. But the chair had been left behind...way, way behind.  And it needed some work.  

I mean, did someone, somewhere, some years ago, actually go to the fabric store and pick out that horrendous fabric?

The Plan: To bring this beauty back to reality and give her a distressed weathered grey look and a nice new bold, beautiful, velvety fabric. 

I started by mixing a creamy watery chalk paint mixture that included plaster of Paris, latex paint and water.    

And then I covered the chair in it.  

Say What?! I chose to do this because I wanted the creamy color to get in all the groves and I chose to make chalk paint because it adheres to the chair's existing shiny stain beautifully without needing a primer.  

Then the sanding took place.  For days.  Not simultaneously, but rather here and there.  

The chair literally sat in my garage for about 9 months waiting to make it's glorious entrance. Just
 when I wanted to quit, each time I found the strength to pull through...
I just knew this chair was going to be beautiful! 

And just when I almost covered it in a can of creamy paint, I used 'all my might' and the sanding was finished.  

I wiped on the grey stain with a rag, stood back to see what I had created and took in what had almost killed me.  Literally.  (In the process I had come down with a nasty sinus infection due to saw dust.  As well as, back pain and a few fingers rubbed raw from the sand paper.)

While the sanding was a lengthy process, I really feel it wouldn't be the same unless I did it this way. The cream layered in all the grooves gives the look of an aged patina.  And the grey stain gave it an extra aged look.

I've said it before, an accent chair is like a piece of jewelry for a room.  Whether it's booming with personality or tucked in a cozy corner creating the perfect reading spot...

an accent chair brings a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to a room.  The cherry on top, if you will.

I covered my thrifty treasure in a deep navy blue/grey velvety fabric.  It's a color that you will find throughout our house and I am in love with it.  

A friend of mine said that her mother had the same chairs and recovered them, but they still had that dated feel.  She was interested to see if I could make mine fabulous...  
Challenge accepted! Well my friend, did I?

And a special thanks to One Kings Lane for the 'push' to finish my masterpiece.  (Or I should say, my chair crush!)

Not in the mood for sanding, sinus infections and such?  Well then you can check out all the One Kings Lane Accent Chairs that are updated daily.   The inspiration is endless.  The sales are stimulating.  Go find your Chair Crush!

Not already a member of One Kings Lane?  Here's an official Invitation.

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

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  1. The french bergere chair reproductions is a wonderful. You have done an amazing. I spent many months researching different companies that sell a french style upholstered bed. I finally made the decision to go ahead and buy the Chelsea upholstered bed. Extremely pleased with my decision. Below is a link to the product page. Good-luck with your upholstered bed shopping.

  2. Great job! nice refresh! I agree - there are always so many chairs on OKL I love but can't stomach the price! Great alternative!


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