Friday, June 8, 2012

The HEART of the Home...

The HEART of the home is, as everyone knows, the KITCHEN.  In our house, everyone hangs out in the kitchen.  Sometimes it feels like I am in the kitchen all day long.

I have not always loved the way our kitchen looked.  In fact, I really don't like the light maple cabinetry so I have had to come up with ways to soften it. It has been a long road and we have slowly changed a few things over the last 8 years.
Now, I really like my kitchen!

Here's a peek at the new and improved heart of our home

But it didn't always look this good.

When hubby and I bought the home 8 years ago it was the "model" home in a new neighborhood.  Not a finished model, but 85% done.  We still got to pick out the flooring on the second floor and the counter-tops, but that was really all.  By the time we put our deposit down the builder had just placed the order for the kitchen cabinets and they could not be changed.

Here's some pics from the beginning

I felt like the bead board and the natural maple cabinetry were two different looks, so we had that removed.   Did I mention I am not a fan of natural maple cabinetry either...

And then there was the island.  It ended up being some three level monstrosity that I loathed for years...

And in 2004 after we moved in...
This clearly was before my OCD kicked in...

The counter top is Formica in Labrador.

This is almost embarrassing....WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!

Then I decided to paint the kitchen Dried Thyme by Dutch Boy.  I had to chose a color that wouldn't blend in with the cabinets and this seemed like a good choice.

Hubby and I decided a couple of years ago to level the island, bring in granite and add a back splash.

Major improvement!

We chose Uba Tuba granite mostly because it was the largest piece available  to fit the entire island.  We felt very strongly about not having a seam on the granite.

We chose a tumbled marble with roping detail.

The kitchen still needed some work.  The counter chairs and a new light light fixture were next on the list.

Chandelier with burlap shades

I love this Pottery Barn wrought iron chandelier with burlap shades.  The texture on the burlap  is amazing.  But for $399 PLUS $100 for the burlap shades...not so amazing.

I found this chandelier and with my coupon codes for 15% off and free shipping --I got it for a steal  at $78.  It was originally $168 before listed on sale.  SCORE!

I knew I wanted the burlap shades, but I didn't want to surrender to the price tag, so I decided to make my own.  I was skeptical though....would they look okay?  I have never recovered shades, just added ribbon detail...
The hook detail really makes this chandelier.

Isn't she GLORIOUS?!

I am now in love with my kitchen!

 And surprisingly, I still like the paint color I chose for the walls some 4 years ago...

I love the way my collection of Wedgwood and Ironstone looks. 

My little pie cabinet turned SHOW STOPPER with mirrored medallions is one of my favorite pieces in my house.  Everyone comments on that piece of furniture.

It was only $45 at a tagsale.

One of a kind!

I have thought a lot about painting the cabinets cream with an antique glaze on top.  Those Rustoleum kits from Lowes look pretty appealing.  But hubby doesn't agree.  The cabinets are fairly new and in great condition--why mess with it?  We also got 2 quotes to reface the cabinets at over $16,000.

MINI SHADES  8 x $4 = 32
BURLAP material  $2
TOTAL $112

*Sold old kitchen light on Craigslist for $50
That's what you call Bedazzling on a Budget!

Ta Da!  

What do you think?  I am now on the HUNT for a fantastic lantern like this one to dangle right above my table.  

Love this lantern light for the table
Maybe I will find it for a fraction of the cost, maybe I won't...



Line the seam of the shade up the the edge and roll out the shade. 

Cut the material as you roll it.  When the seam of the shade makes it to the other side, you know you have the full length.

I decided to cut all eight pieces at once so I could start the assembly line.   OR if you want you can see how the first one turns out before you cut.

I ironed each piece of burlap separately on the highest setting for a couple of minutes.

I started edge to edge.  Edge of fabric to seam of shade.  I used my trusty glue gun.

Line up the edge.

 press down on the edge and roll the shade down the fabric for a tight fit.  

Then run the glue down the seam, press  and cut the burlap to have a straight seam 

trim the edges of both sides to have enough material to glue the edge inwards.

put glue around the top and fold the edge of the burlap inwards. Repeat for the bottom of the shade.


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  1. Great job on the shades. Your kitchen is very nice. Great upgrades. That lantern would look great. I have seen many of those at the Ballard's outlet here.

  2. Hi - Now I know what I want to do with some of my shades!!! Thanks so much - looks great!

    I am on Miss Mustardseed's furniture feature Friday also. I am the Transformed Stainless Range Hood - please check it out and let me know what you think!!!


    PS - I am a new follower...hopefully you will follow me!

  3. Wow! Your kitchen looks great! Love the burlap shades! (Or burlap anything!)

    Found you via A Stroll Through Life. I am your newest follower!


  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I love that chandy. Perfect addition. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Lighting can really make a big difference, I love that you restyled what you already had. Great job :)

  6. looks great! love the cabinet in eating area!

  7. I have your old island fixture and I WANT your new island fixture...:-) love the new look and all you've done in your kitchen..

    could you tell me what base color your wall paint has-- by that I mean, is it a yellow base green or a blue base green.

    thanks so much'

    1. Thanks so much for the nice comments Sonny! You can have it too for $78! ;)

      The paint is a yellow base green. It just warms the room right up.

      Thanks for checking it out.
      Take Care,

  8. Your kitchen is very pretty! I, too , have maple cabinets. There are worse thing in life. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!


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