Friday, November 21, 2014

Last Minute Kid Approved Thanksgiving Table

Hey Turkey's,

The big day is almost here and I know everyone is looking for simple ideas to make this years table better than the last.  

Whether its a card table, a make shift table or simply just the kitchen table.. 

Here's a few inspirational ideas to take your kids table or perhaps your casual Thanksgiving table to another level.  

For the artist in all of us: I used some wrapping paper turned on the back side to create a paper runner for my table.  (Pretty cool, huh? And FREE.)  

Who doesn't like to scribble while they wait for a meal?  It's a great way to get everyone involved!

This is a great idea to be used throughout the year any time you have a casual meal or just for fun.  

Drinks on pedestals:  My kids are a little older and they love to drink out of stemware.. it makes the occasion feel a little more "grown up".   

Milk and apple juice suddenly become fancy.   

Chalk it up:  Last year I painted some Holiday chargers with chalkboard paint.  My kids love the idea of creating while they wait to eat. 

We use these on other occasions as well..  even to practice letters and numbers on a regular evening around our house. 

My kids really enjoyed this wrapping paper runner..  which one will you try this year?  

Here's an interview I did last year with Lifestyle by Design on a Thanksgiving and Christmas table that will sparkle.. on a budget, of course!   By using some things you already have and a few thrifty items -you can get a spectacular table for less.

For more adorable Thanksgiving ideas follow my link on Pinterest --Turkey Day Board.

From my house to your house, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Sophisticated Girls Room | One Adventure at a Time

Hello All,

My little girl is growing up people..  She just turned a whopping 8 years old!  Where did the time go?

It seems like I just got used to the idea of putting her on the bus to go to Kindergarten.. Now she does her homework on the bus, so she can play with her friends right away when she gets home. Very clever.

So how can I give a witty, 8 year old that loves animals and likes to play dress up with her friends, an updated super sophisticated room?  One adventure at a time.

(Hannah's old room (and Hayden's!) was featured on CNN Living, but that was almost two years ago.) 

Any room takes time to evolve.   Layer upon layer is what tells a story.. Here's the latest version of my daughter's room and how I decorated it--One adventure at a time.

This floral pillow was once a placemat.  I simply ripped the side seam open, stuffed it with a pillow and sewed it back together with a needle and thread.  No one would even know.
I found these placemats while on the 'hunt' at Marshall's.  And there were (4) so that means 4 pillows!

The lamp was a brass rescue painted cream.  

We recently traded in Hannah's twin bed for a super-roomy queen mattress perfect for sleepovers.  But finding the 'perfect' bedding became a challenge. 

I have never been a fan of a 'bed in a bag' or any coordinating set.  I think the concept is great--you walk away with everything you need to dress your bed, but I like to add my own personality. It adds character and whimsy..

The textured rose quilt, linen floral pattern with a hint of blue, and green/white stripe sheets are the perfect combination.. 

My Mom's armoire from the 70's painted cream houses all Hannah's books, pajamas, socks, bathing suits, and such.  Can you say storage?! 

I also added a $10 gold mirror from Walmart-- so 'the girl' can check out just how fabulous she is every day.

This desk (and nightstand) was a gift from my Mom when Hannah was born.. She found it at a tag sale for $20, painted it and changed the hardware.

The tutorial for the fabric memory board and 'letter H' frame can be found here.

These two projects are super easy and you could probably make them using things you already have on hand.

And every room needs a touch of gold.. this deer antler magnifying glass is from Marshall's and has become very popular with my 8 year old.  She even talks in a funny accent when she uses it..

A sitting area to read books is a must.  

Nanny's old 'coo coo clock' got a complete makeover too.

The color of all the bedding is tied together with the 'placemat' pillows.  And to add a little jazz another shopping trip revealed a blue beaded pillow to pick up the blue in the pillows.. 

What girl doesn't like a little sparkle? 

The 'cow oil painting' is a $5 tag sale find.  I don't know if I will ever be able to part with it. 

I recently reupholstered this chair with a stripe fabric that has the same colors as the placemat pillow.  It's a match made in heaven.

The chair was a tag sale find for $20 that I have re-upholstered many times.  It finally found the perfect home in my daughters room.

To add some texture, I made these pom pom's from tissue paper and a string of Chinese lantern lights.  Here's the tutorial.  

I also painted some frames to display some of Hannah's art.

The butterfly plate that is sitting on the frame belongs to a tea set.

My dollhouse from when I was a little girl..  It was yellow and white with a forest green door.  When I was pregnant with Hannah, I painted it and gave it a new look--complete with a red door!  
She likes to play with the original furniture too.   I am so tickled that my Mom saved it.  

Of course, it's mostly is a place where all Hannah's 'tiny animals' live. 

The perfect rescue stand for her dollhouse.  I will be sharing how I came up with this 'dollhouse stand' soon.  

Because every girl needs a leopard cape, cat ears, a tutu and a pink sequin cap..  

This trunk holds costumes, purse's, gloves, heels, hats and more!   

I made this 'butterfly specimen art' from old thank you cards and magazines, a butterfly punch and hot glue.  Simply spray paint a picture frame and create.  Go!

Where are the toys?  
Glad you asked..
Most of the toys are kept in bins on the top shelf of the closet.  Others in lower bins, which makes for a cleaner room.  When Hannah wants to play with something, we pick it up and put it back when she is done.  

For more tips on how to cut 'kid clutter', visit my  Just For Kids section.

This 'room remix' is full of whimsy, tradition, sophistication and lots of color...perfect for my little animal lover.

Have you heard the news? House by Holly is open for business.  
Do you have a decorating delima?  Are you having a hard time bringing the look of a room together?  Not sure about furniture placement?  How to display a collection? 
Let's give you that special room you have been waiting for! 

I offer affordable interior design services locally and online. 
If you are looking for a fresh set of ideas, contact me or send me pictures to for a consultation.  

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chair Crush | One Kings Lane

Hello All,

Who's ready for another furniture inspiration?

Recently, One Kings Lane contacted me again to feature another accent chair.  But not just any chair...  "What's your Chair Crush?" 

If you missed the first one, you can find it here and you can see my chair eventually featured on their Home Decor Resource Guide DIY- Sitting Pretty .  (That is pretty cool, huh?)

But how can I chose just one chair to crush on?  I do have an obsession with accent chairs.  I'm almost like the cat lady that keeps taking in the stray's when it comes to chairs.  I just can't say no. 

I'm always looking for ones with good bones, classic details, one that is easy to re-upholster, and of course, cheap.

Here are some gorgeous inspiring accent chairs that you can find now at One Kings Lane

Dawson Velvet Bergère, Navy
Obsessed with these one-of-a-kind vintage Louis XV-style accent chairs.Moselle Side Chair, Gold

You can imagine my excitement when I found this 'little lady' reminiscent of a French Bergere chair. My ultimate chair crush!  Definitely French, and most likely a reproduction.  She was only $35 at a thrift store.  

 I guess you could call her a 'blue light special'.  I saw the potential, do you? You have to look real close, but it's there.

I was instantly drawn in with her details...the wrap around panels with cane webbing.. the feminine lines. But the chair had been left behind...way, way behind.  And it needed some work.  

I mean, did someone, somewhere, some years ago, actually go to the fabric store and pick out that horrendous fabric?

The Plan: To bring this beauty back to reality and give her a distressed weathered grey look and a nice new bold, beautiful, velvety fabric. 

I started by mixing a creamy watery chalk paint mixture that included plaster of Paris, latex paint and water.    

And then I covered the chair in it.  

Say What?! I chose to do this because I wanted the creamy color to get in all the groves and I chose to make chalk paint because it adheres to the chair's existing shiny stain beautifully without needing a primer.  

Then the sanding took place.  For days.  Not simultaneously, but rather here and there.  

The chair literally sat in my garage for about 9 months waiting to make it's glorious entrance. Just
 when I wanted to quit, each time I found the strength to pull through...
I just knew this chair was going to be beautiful! 

And just when I almost covered it in a can of creamy paint, I used 'all my might' and the sanding was finished.  

I wiped on the grey stain with a rag, stood back to see what I had created and took in what had almost killed me.  Literally.  (In the process I had come down with a nasty sinus infection due to saw dust.  As well as, back pain and a few fingers rubbed raw from the sand paper.)

While the sanding was a lengthy process, I really feel it wouldn't be the same unless I did it this way. The cream layered in all the grooves gives the look of an aged patina.  And the grey stain gave it an extra aged look.

I've said it before, an accent chair is like a piece of jewelry for a room.  Whether it's booming with personality or tucked in a cozy corner creating the perfect reading spot...

an accent chair brings a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to a room.  The cherry on top, if you will.

I covered my thrifty treasure in a deep navy blue/grey velvety fabric.  It's a color that you will find throughout our house and I am in love with it.  

A friend of mine said that her mother had the same chairs and recovered them, but they still had that dated feel.  She was interested to see if I could make mine fabulous...  
Challenge accepted! Well my friend, did I?

And a special thanks to One Kings Lane for the 'push' to finish my masterpiece.  (Or I should say, my chair crush!)

Not in the mood for sanding, sinus infections and such?  Well then you can check out all the One Kings Lane Accent Chairs that are updated daily.   The inspiration is endless.  The sales are stimulating.  Go find your Chair Crush!

Not already a member of One Kings Lane?  Here's an official Invitation.

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

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