Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On The Side Of The Road...

Here's a glimpse of My New Office...

Here's a shot a little later on...

And the most recent....

To get my tutorial on how to recover a wing back chair with a store bought slip cover click here.

It just gets better and better doesn't it?
Here's how it all came about...

What did it look like before you ask?

Can YOU say TOYS??!!

Yes, I did...

I turned my house upside down to make room for the desk I found on the side of the road. And start my blog, House by Holly. 

 It goes a little something like this....

I took a walk with my neighbor/friend one Saturday morning and we stumbled across a table half way into the walk...

The table was very weathered and the veneer was literally peeling off the top and sides. I saw the table and looked away still chatting with my friend... THEN I quickly glanced back because I knew what I had just unexpectedly found. I suddenly said, "I think I want that desk". It just came out of my mouth...I was not in control anymore.
This is the kind of stuff I live for! 

My friend had a puzzled look on her face. I said it again, “I want that desk!" 
Still... she said nothing. 
Then I said to myself--I have to get this desk before someone else picks it up!

I am pretty sure my neighbor has probably never picked anything up off the curb, so now we have crossed a "new road" in our friendship. I know what she is thinking...

WHY would she want this ugly table that is obviously someone's TRASH?
Sure, I could have gone about my walk and came to get the table after I was done...BUT we all know the table would have been gone, right?

She offers to help me get the desk and we rushed back to the house to get my Tahoe (Thank God, I have a Tahoe!). On the way back, I explained what I could do with the table, but my friend still wasn't convinced.
AND Let's just say the hubby wasn't too thrilled when he came out of the house to see what all the commotion was about...

Now I have two people staring at me like I am crazy...

Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time!

"Just wait,” I tell them both....
I rattle on something more about the bones were too good to pass up and they both left me with my table.

Whatever...I got a table!

Here's the table after I peeled the veneer off and hand sanded the table.

Under the veneer was beautiful wood... Major score! While I am busy at work, another neighbor (another curbside checker!) walks by and says, "You got the table!” 
I quickly replied “Yes, I did!” We both knew what I had here... 
 If it was possible, I think I got even MORE excited!

I don't know...maybe it was the fact that I beat her too it!

The table sat in my garage for several months.
What exactly was I going to do with this table? I thought about going modern and painting it a bold color with a high gloss finish.... Should I stain it? Should I paint it antique white with a glaze over it? All the time knowing this table is going to be perfect as my desk.

Every once in a while my husband would threaten to chainsaw the table and throw it out, but I protected my ugly table. I swear, I would have put my body in front of it!

Many fights later it came to me... I wanted to age the table with a white wash and put a light stain on top. I mixed one part white latex paint and 3 parts water and used a dry brush to apply.

Then I lightly applied 2 coats of antique walnut stain over the dry white wash. I really wanted the white wash and stain to collect in all the detailed crevices of the table and legs.

It's Show Time, Baby!

The desk was coming in the house! EXCEPT the desk would not fit through the door to the little room that I had big plans for... Finally, after unscrewing some 20 screws the legs came off the table and I was able to get her in. I spent a total of $255 on the room.

Now remember, I am a HUNTER, so I pulled items from my basement and other rooms to pull the look together. The less I have to buy, the better...that's the best part of the challenge!

The RUG was not the right colors, but turned on the WRONG side the colors were muted enough and perfect....we'll replace that later. No one has even noticed that it is on the WRONG side!

My mom gave me the CHANDELIER and MIRROR years ago.

The TALL DRESSER was a tag sale find 8 years ago for $20. I will eventually use a similar technique to spruce it up as well...

The ANTIQUE COAT CLOSET is a family hand-me-down and houses all of our board games and some extra toys. Can you say STORAGE?!

One of my favorite things to do is add a SPLASH of HOT PINK to a neutral room. It really POPS!

VINTAGE FRAMES--$41 I had all but 2. I filled a few with scrapbook paper.

CLOCK-- $6

The CURTAIN PANELS--$30 These are actually tableclothes and I created a faux pinch pleat (NO SEW) with the curtain rings. NOW I am just showing off...




CHALKBOARD & INSPIRATION BOARD--$20. I recycled two matching frames that were in my basement.

The DESK CHAIR-—an extra from my dining room. For now, this will do. But I am on the HUNT for something spectacular!

The DESK was FREE and so were the materials used to spruce it up.

What a great place to journal my BLOG and (Hopefully!) start My New Business!

From my House to your House-- HAPPY HUNTING!
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  1. I LOVE it Holly! Great job--Lesley

  2. That is beautiful and what a curb side find. I need a link to the party added in the post please. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful change!! Think about taking word verification off the comments. More people will comment on your fabulous posts if ya do so.

  4. JEALOUS! I want to walk around your neighborhood...

  5. JEALOUS! I want to walk around your neighborhood...

  6. Great curbside rescue. And your room looks so great. Hard to tell it was the same kid's toy room.

  7. That desk looks amazing! Good job!

  8. Stopped over from Southern Hospitality. Love that unusual desk beautifully refinished. Stunning room makeover as well.

    ~ Monique

  9. That table looks great! Great job on its new treatment. I love the vintage/antique motif you’ve got going in the office. The space looks and feels so sophisticated. I’m sure working in there will be a real pleasure for you.


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