Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let the Tag Sale Season BEGIN!!!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Every 1st Saturday of the month from May to October I take off very early in the morning.  It's the only time that I actually have to set an alarm to get up.  The early bird gets the worm!

Last year I discovered an app for my phone called Yardsaletreasuremap.com.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  The app actually pings and maps out  all the tag sales within 30 miles of your house (that are advertised on Craigslist). Did I mention IN ORDER?!!!! Genius!  Why couldn't I have came up with that?

I have found some amazing things from the years of doing this.  I completely outfited a ski chalet my husband and I bought.  We rented a house 9 years ago with 6 bedrooms.  No problem!   Did I mention the Waterford, Wedgewood and Ironstone pieces I found?!

I love finding treasures from tag sales and thrift stores!  You truly never know what you will find.  One day, I hope to open a store with all the things I find.  Revamping them and turning around to sell them AGAIN.  How cool would it be to take my little blog House by Holly and turn it into a retail shop?  Big DREAM!

So this first Saturday, I passed up on selling my own junk in the neighborhood tag sale and hit the bricks to find some SHINY USED TREASURES.

Here's the goodies I found people!

What did I do with them?  I'm so glad you asked...

The popcorn bowl was $1.  While it would be super cute to hold popcorn for one, I had another idea...  Turn it around and plop a faux boxwood ball on top.  

After all, it looks just like the beautiful white porcelain that is so popular right now.  I would even consider putting an herb in it.  It can be our little secret...

This garden cloche was a steal for $2.  I just couldn't believe my eyes!  It's HUGE.

This cloche holds its true purpose in my landscaping--to protect my plants from the cold with some SERIOUS character.   Are you drooling, yet?  I am...

I am so into lanterns right now, why not snatch this one up too and keep it for my very own?

For $10 this is a no-brainer for a coffee table or dining table outside.

This little china bowl is gorgeous!  Look at the detail on the gold and the deep navy blue... AND I only paid $2 for it.

It's a PERFECT MATCH for my china and is a great addition to use as a serving piece.  Let's see... sugar cubes, after dinner mints, cranberry sauce to name a few things I would put in it...

This 3 level serving piece was $5 and is great for appetizers or little desserts.   

mmm...do you want a cookie?

I love the details on the plates!

AND you can switch the plates out for another set to kick it up a notch..  I think I will use these for Christmas.

Not bad for $20 buckaroos! Woot! Woot! Can I get a witness??

Whether you call it Tag Sale, Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Estate Sale, or Church Rummage Sale-- I can't wait to see what I will find next time. Do you have any Shiny Used Treasures that you are excited about?  I'd love to see them.  Click here to post them on House by Holly's Facebook page.

Until then--
From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!


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Friday, May 4, 2012

Jewelry Feature--A MUST read!

You guys are in for a special treat today! It's time to take a little break from HOME DIY and do a little thing I like to call STYLE DIY.  Buckle up--I'm letting all my little JEWELRY SECRETS out of the bag.

That's right...get ready to HUNT through your jewelry boxes ladies...

This feature is about DIY embellishments for YOU.  Just in time for summer...

Antique jewelry and costume jewelry are some of my favorites.  I HUNT these pieces out every time I go to tag sales (aka taggin', as I like to call it), thrift stores and my moms jewelry box.



The look of chunky necklaces are IN.  Here's a way to make your own with 2 necklaces...

Here's how: Keep the the long chain clasped together and fold it in half. 
Flip the necklace clasps so that a hook is on one side and the hook from the other necklace is on the other side.  Take the long chain hook and clasp it to the chunky necklace "ring".   Take the hook from the chunky necklace and hook it to the long necklace where you folded it.  You can adjust the part where you fold the long necklace and where you attach it.  For example, you may want one strip of the necklace  to hang lower and the other to hang shorter.  You may have to play around with it a little bit...  The last step: use one of the clasps to close the necklace.  

Genius! One of my favorite TRICKS! 
 (Please excuse my boo boo, I just had surgery.)  

This little frog pin was a total score for $20 at a church rummage sale.  It reminds me of a Faberge pin and I had to have it.

A chunky chain with big holes allows you to thread the pin through a few of the holes.  So if you have a pin you love and you want to use it-- this is a way to do it!

Hang on little guy!  I'm making a statement with this necklace!

I love that this piece is so much fun and the best part is you can change it out for something different.

You could also add it to a purse, a coat, a belt...
the possibilities are endless!

This is a beautiful metal rose pin that my mom gave me.

Attached to a long string of pearls wrapped a few times--it is a show stopper with a t-shirt and jeans or a cute dress.

Here's a little trick with Grandma's pearls--you know the kind with 5 or 6 rows that are all attached on one clasp.

These are a great silver gray color.  Just twist the layers and fasten.  It gives the necklace that popular "disheveled" look, then add your favorite pin to the side.  I chose a diamond pin...It's first class all the way!

TRICK--You can always take a couple of the rows off the necklace if you think it has too many rows.  Or better yet, take a row off and trade it with another row on the same side to give it the "disheveled" look.

Yes, you can even transform a bracelet into a necklace.

You may have seen these antique diamond bracelets...with a little cross grain ribbon you can take it to another level.

Here's how:  tread the cross grain ribbon through the back of the bracelet, so that when you put the necklace on it hides the clasps where you would fasten it.

Pull the ribbon across the back out to go over your head and then tie the ribbon behind your neck.  Voila!

This is very similar to some of the pieces I have seen at JCrew. 

 It's a keeper!

This is an old earring of my Moms.  While I don't care for the earring itself, I do like the bottom half of the earring.  You can wear this with a necklace and no one will ever know it was an earring.  

Here's how: Bend the top part of the earring off and thread through a chain.  It's as easy as that!

Turned around on the back and strung through a small gold chain it's a simple statement piece.

That's WHAT I'm saying!

Shoe & Purse Embellishments

I purchased these "puffs" last year at Burlington Coat Factory for a few dollars....I like to add them to my sandals, flip flops and my purses...

These are great because they have pins AND clips attached to the back.  

Clipped onto clutches for an evening out...

Again so simple...just the "right" touch for an afternoon or evening out.

The puffs take these shoes to another level too...

Fabulous for an afternoon or evening!

These diamond clip earrings were my Grandmothers and I wore them on my wedding day... ON MY SHOES!  

Just a little nifty trick to kick it up a notch.

Here's another use for the metal rose pin my mom gave me...

It's perfect with a silver clutch!  I mean Lancome make-up bag turned clutch....that's another little secret...

These rose pins were popular back in the day and I have a handful.  If you find one, you could spray paint one with silver spray paint or any other color that you'd prefer. 

Even more adorable on this little clutch.

Spray Painting Jewelry

It wouldn't be a good post without a little SPRAY PAINT...

These earrings are neat, but this pink color is not for me...
  No problem!  I am the spray painting QUEEN!

You could go black, silver, gold, or any other pop of color that you like.  I chose my SUPER gold spray paint......

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Now get to DIYing your jewelry boxes ladies!

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

A SPECIAL THANKS to my 5 year old daughter, Hannah, who helped me take a lot of the pictures for this feature.  Such a special reminder that sometimes you can't do everything yourself-- A lesson that I need to practice over and over again!

**Since this post the fabulous Tori Spelling has come out with a beautiful DIY line of jewelry.  The pieces are amazing and have inspired me to pull together some Styled by Tori Spelling knock off's.  Stay tuned for some super easy tricks to get the look for nothing--just using what you already have!

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