Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Summer Patio Inspiration | Doing it on a Dime

Hi Ya'll!
Who's got big plans this weekend?  I am ecstatic that the snow is GONE and the warm weather is upon us. I am from Texas so these Connecticut winters take all the life out of me. I need the sun to dance in!  Seriously.  I am a Summer girl for sure!!

Today I am going to show you how a little money on accessories can transform your patio.  $87.96 to be exact.  As well as, some inspiration for your Spring and Summer planters.  

The List:
Fern $10
Hosta $6.96
Umbrella $55
Pillows $16 
Total $87.96

I don't know if it's the "Southern" in me or what, but a fern adds just the right texture to a space.  I love me some fern....
These guys are so easy to grow, just make sure they have some shade.  Mine sits a-top an old birdbath pillar.  The wind broke my bowl over the winter, but no worries I found a new use it for it.  I had a matching pot and slipped the fern right in.  They both came from Ocean State a couple of years ago.

I am obsessed with succulents.  The color, the texture, the simplicity.  This one was a gift but was only $24 at Lowe's.  What a deal!

I am a nautical girl at heart...I grew up on the water.   Stripes behold my heart.  In fact, I think I wear stripes just about every day. These punchy black and white stripe inspired pillows were under $10 each at Walmart. My heart is beating...

  An umbrella is a must to keep cool in the sun.  You may fancy one with a pattern or a solid color...
Just so happens, a cheap one makes me even happier.  Don't be afraid to shop at Ocean State, or never know what you will find.

We have had this furniture for about 7 years. It's a teak set we bought at Target.  It has definitely run it's course, but it might have 1 more year left.  Next week I am going to give it a little love and roll some stain over it.  It will look brand new when I'm done. Hopefully...

Tip: If you have a wrought iron set, spray it black and it will look brand new too.  Paint, color, texture, fabric, and  a little bit of hope can jump start your patio for the Summer's  festivities.  

I am a big fan of perennials in a pot.  They come back year to year and you will save money in the long run.

boxwood perfection.

Love the plants!

  I now only put together a few pots of annuals for color.  I shoot for lime green (potato vine), hot pink (coleus or petunia) , variegated (hosta, caladiums or coleus) with a little bit of texture (fern or goldilocks).  These combinations are all breath taking...

Love this!!!  Magic Trick: The Invisible Window Box : Remodelista
Trying to get better at container planting -- this is gorgeous!
shade containers so easy to do, goldilocks for the vine, begonia, fern, lime potato vine, impatiens, lobelia....all found at the greenhouse!

What do you think?  Have you been inspired to give your outdoor space a new look?

**Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend? With all this nice weather I am in the mood to P-A-R-T-Y! Whether its the perfect appetizer, or a delectably adorable dessert, or maybe its the perfect decoration you desire... All can be found on my Party Time inspiration board. Enjoy and get YOUR party on! 

From my House, to your House-- Happy Hunting!!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Wrap that CHAIN | Another Light Makeover

Today I am sharing another inexpensive trick to take your lighting to another level.  (The rope wrangled me in again!)

I took the left over rope from my DIY Rope Chandelier  project and used a little on our Beach Bunker's Sunroom light.  Just by adding a little textured rope to an otherwise boring chain took this light somewhere special.  This project took less than 5 minutes and only required a glue gun to glue the layers together.

You can buy this bag of twisted manilla rope at your local hardware store for about $8.  Get creative!!! Use it on tables or furniture, make your own placemats...YOU get creative.  It's the perfect way to add warmth and texture to your house.  

And here's my DIY rope chandelier I tricked up for our kitchen.  

She's a beauty!  What do you think?  Is this a project you would try? 
 Come see MORE rope projects on my Pinterest Board.

From my House, to your House...Happy Hunting!!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Bunny Cookies Tutorial | An Adorable Treat for Easter

Hi Ya'll!

Easter is approaching and its time to break out the tricks in your bag.  Just for fun here's one of mine, I hope you will enjoy.

You will need:
1 Package of Sugar cookie mix
1 Can of white frosting
1 Package of large pink marshmallows (for floppy ears)
1 Package of small white marshmallows (for tails)
black sprinkles (for eyes)
Clean cooking shears or scissors
An egg cookie cutter

Build your bunnies: Bake you sugar cookies as directed and let them cool.

Frost your eggs with white frosting.  
I swirl a little frosting where the tail will go...

Add a tail! (small marshmallow cut in half.)

For the floppy ears...
Using scissors, slice almost to the end of the marshmallow...

not quite clipping all the way through..

Then slice all the way down right next to the previous cut... breaking the ears free!

The marshmallow will curl as you cut...creating the perfect 'floppy' ears.
(You will be able to get 3 sets of ears per 1 large marshmallow.)

Next place your floppy ears on the cookie..

Adding the black sprinkles is the last step in creating these adorable Easter Treats!

You want to decorate the bunnies while the icing is fresh and soft so the marshmallows and sprinkles will 'stick'.

Now sit back and be the 'ooh and ahh' of your Easter celebration!  I'm taking mine to our neighborhoods Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

*I found it easy to have a tiny amount of frosting on a toothpick and pick the sprinkles up with that.  It's a lot easier to get the eyes right the first time.

*I also found it helpful when slicing the marshmallows  to keep a wet warm washcloth close by to wipe the blades when they got messy.  This ensures clean and curly bunny ears.

*I have tried mini chocolate chips for the eyes but I prefer the tiny chocolate sprinkles.

* You can also use pink jelly beans for the ears, but I like the marshmallow floppy ears better.

Aren't these little bunnies adorable? Do you have any Easter tricks in your bag? 

For more spectacular Easter inspiration, click here for my Pinterest board on Easter.

From my house, to your house, Happy Hunting!

Happy Easter Ya'll!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Holly's Favorite Finds | Winning With Pennies

In keeping with the 'Thrifty Tuesday' theme, I'm going to show you some of my favorite accessories that finish a room off and bring in all the details that you need.  I'm hoping this will give you some more great inspiration to spruce your home up for Spring.

Pulling a room together isn't always easy.  My style tends to be Traditional (sophisticated, collected look) with a hint of Farmhouse (distressed furniture and rusticness).  But, I also like the easiness of Beach decorating (colorful). I even like the Industrial (wood and wrought iron) masculine side. 
                                                      Ok, I'm all over the map..

My number #1 Rule when decorating?  Just go with what your drawn to.  It's completely a unique room and it's all you.  These are the rooms that are full of so much personality and make great conversation... 
Go ahead break the rules!

I love a room that is so interesting it makes you scan the room over and over again just to take it all in.  But in a way that isn't overwhelming.  It has exactly the right amount of pieces and accessories without suffocating you...  especially because life always gets in the way of a perfectly accessorized room.  Once someone drops their keys, sunglasses, a bottle of water, purse, and anything else that just gets dropped by a family- the visual drop becomes overwhelmed with.. you guessed it!  Clutter.   I ease up on covering ever square inch of my table tops and counter tops so I can have a little bit of flexibility with our clutter.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall: I have been collecting these mirrors from Walmart for years. The gold detail gives the mirror just the right amount of detail. They are are a steal for $5 each.  I have used them in my guest bedroom and my closet.  I even have hung them in my dining room.  They are great to corale perfumes, jewelry, candles or even something special in your bathroom and dining table.  

On my dining room table for Spring...

And Christmas.  It really gives a front row seat to whatever you want to display for that season.

The $5 mirror adds drama to your bedroom too.

I use this mirror in my closet every day to make sure my jewels match my outfit.
To see my new closet and other stylish tips, click here.

Hung in a gallery wall in my dining room, again, adds just the right amount of drama...

Go on, get out there-- and get you some mirrors.  It's the perfect way to bring light and dimension to any room. 

The texture among us: I am a big fan of texture in a room because it brings a room to lifeFinding the perfect little wiggly fern, natural rug or boxwood balls are all great inexpensive ways to get the job done. Boxwood balls are about $9 at craft stores and modern ferns can be purchased for under $10 at hardware stores.  I am seeing natural rugs everywhere now--from the dining room, living room, kids rooms all the way to outside patios.  I purchased this surprisingly soft one recently to give our dining room a different look.

Makes you want to touch it, huh?

Most people don't know you can find these at your local hardware stores in the patio section for much less than traditional rugs. (Yes, there are two different places to find rugs at the hardware store.)  Use your imagination People!

This fern adds a lot of texture in a little punch--it brings exactly what this room needs to make it come alive.

The texture of my rope chandelier also brings this kitchen to life.  For the before. click here.

I am obsessed with boxwood balls.  

Our Foyer Mantel needs a little boxwood love too.  Notice all the details of all of these pieces...

Texture really does bring a room to life.  Get on it.

Light me up:  I am really digging masculine light's right now...  Or the many types of pharmacy lamps.. (Thank you, Restoration Hardware.)  I don't like the price of many that I see, but I have found some that have the same look without the same price tag.  Target carries this one for $39 as well as a few others that are realistic on the budget.  

These lamps have an air of sophistication about them...

And a relaxed feel...

I placed this one on one side of the bed in our guest suite.

And if your lucky enough you can find a real vintage one from the thrift store...

The newest arrangement of my office and a $6 lamp I found at Goodwill.

It was meant to be.  Don't you just love the thrill of the hunt?

And my Moms vintage lamp that I gave a new look to with a vintage bulb from Lowe's.  For a complete tour of our Beach Bunker complete with before and afters, click here.

This little beauty takes the cake on this bookshelf.  For more on my series on 'Winning with Pennies',  click here, and here.

A Little Life:  One of my favorite accessories to finish a room and bring in some life are Orchids.  You can buy them inexpensively for $20 at grocery stores and they add just the right amount of life to any room.  Plus you only need to add 2 ice cubes every week.

A recent revamp to a clients living room.  More on that later...

Orchids pack a big punch and light up any room.

Soup tureens are another favorite accessory  of mine.   This one creates a great base for my orchid...I also like to put green apples or faux artichokes in mine.

I would love to hear from my readers...  
What styles are you drawn to? Do you have any favorite inexpensive accessories? Have I inspired you to try any of my favorite inexpensive accessories?  Are you ready for Spring?!

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