Thursday, March 5, 2015

Modernizing a Curio Cabinet | On the Down Low

Hello Readers,

I am loving all this wallpaper or wrapping paper on the backs of bookcases and cabinets.. but what about covering up a mirror on your curio cabinet?  Well, I decided to give it a try...  

I have owned this little beauty for about 18 years.

She has followed me from Texas all the way to Connecticut and has displayed all my pretties lovingly for so many years.

I simply purchased a $20 roll of wallpaper from a hardware store for this project.

Out with the old: I cleared out the shelves and used double sided tape to hang this paper up.
   I really like the simple neutral background of this wall paper, but I think a bolder brighter pattern would be fun too. 

That's the beauty of this project, its not permanent and you can change it out whenever you want!

I laid the paper up and when I was done I used an x-acto knife to cut the paper down to a perfect fit and get all the angles right.  A razor blade would work too. 

In with new: I slipped the shelves back in and decorated them with some pieces just like you would a bookshelf.  I added some pieces I recently picked up from a thrift store along with some pieces that hold memory from my family.

The end result: While it's not an actual bookshelf this look gives the illusion it is and takes the once dated curio to a modern level.  What do you think?

Do you have a bookshelf or curio cabinet you'd like to update? 
Here's one idea for your closet!

Brook Cundiff (from Gilt Groupe) found this curio cabinet at a furniture store & revamped it, added more shelves and the velvet-lined cabinet neatly holds 40 pairs of her most worn shoes! #shoes

And linens in a bathroom:
Love the size of this cabinet; perfect for hiding extra beddings, first aid kit, etc. Although, I wouldn't want the glass doors to show all that stuff

And a smart way to create a bar:
Living Rooms, Brayden Bar Curio, Living Rooms | Havertys Furniture

For more inspirational pictures of other cabinets, please see the Pinterest board I have created. 

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chalkboard Accessory | Chalk Holder

Hello Readers,

Earlier this week, I shared how I transformed an otherwise boring hallway near our foyer into a magazine worthy mudroom.  

Today I'm going to show you how I came up with the adorable chalk bowl holder.

If you follow my projects regularly you know I like to add a little gold/brass accent to every room I design.  I like to think of it as the cherry on top.  This particular gold accent is one of my favorites.  

I simply turned a vintage cabinet pull upside down and re-purposed it as a chalk bowl.  

But how do I attach this to the wall you may ask?

You insert two nails (backwards) into the holes, hold them straight and by eyeing it to make sure it's level you quickly but firmly press it into the wall just enough to make the marks of where you will need to hammer your nails in.    

Clever, huh?   

 When you hammer your nails in leave at least an inch showing so it can easily slip onto the holes of the cabinet pull.

 Once you have hammered the nails into position, line up the holes on the hardware and firmly press the cabinet pull on the nails and all the way to the wall.  

Now my friends, you too have a unique chalk holder! 


From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creating a Mudroom Command Center For Less

Happy New Year Readers! (Sorry I'm a little late..)

Now that the New Year is here, I'm sure everyone has the same mission:  To get organized and be the best you can be. 

There it is. The pressure.  New Year, New YOU.  (It's everywhere, isn't it?) 

Well, my best advice is-- to take it one day at a time.   
Your home should evolve, just like you.  You grow. It grows.  It's only natural.

Let's take my first project I tackled this year, for example. I couldn't wait to get my hands on our mini mudroom...(well, it's not really a mudroom, just a long hallway I want to utilize like a mudroom.)  Here's the 'before'... Do you see the potential?  

Here's the closet and hallway I updated back in 2012.  If you click on the link, the before is pretty bad.  

This set-up has served its purpose for a couple of years, but as our family gets busier, we really need more organization to keep us grounded.  After all, there is a huge wall to work with--when you can't go out, go up.

I will be the first to admit our "command station" has resided on the side of the fridge for many years and has been cluttered and messy.  Often an embarrassment...  I'm supposed to be House by Holly, right?  The wind lets right out of my sails every time I see those papers taped and magnetized with no purpose.  Now's the perfect time to aim for a change.

The formula for a basic Mudroom command center: 

  •  A chalkboard (notes)
  •  a message board (tack important papers)
  • a clock (time)
  • a mirror (to take one last look at yourself)
  • some family pictures (sentiment)
  • seating (put shoes on)
  • a row of hooks (coats and scarves)  
There you have it-- a purpose for the space.  

Now you could go straight to a home store and purchase all these things.  OR you could be like me and try to do it for next to nothing.  I got time on my side people...lots of it.  Plus, I'm a twit when it comes to that stuff.  'Must. re-use. my stuff...'

Here's what I came up with--

  • I took an old frame and covered the cardboard in painters cloth and used ribbon in a diamond pattern to create a neutral message board.  (Yes, you can do that!)
  • I took another frame I had and painted the glass with chalkboard paint to make a chalkboard.   (Yes, you can do that!)
  • a $10 clock for a discount chain (purchased in 2012)
  • I Re-used the existing black framed pictures with the kids school picture.  At some point I will probably add frames holding some special art work the kids make...
  • 2 cube seats for the kids to use while putting on their shoes. ( I re-upholstered these inexpensively in 2013)
  • An umbrella stand that was in the garage makes its way back into the house. 
  • A $5 mirror from Walmart tied with a grey ribbon.
  • A picture of a tree that says "Home" was in the basement...
  • A $15 row of hooks from a discount store. (purchased in 2012)
This project cost me nothing.  I bet you can find some things lying around your house to do this same project. 

And no room would be complete without a little touch of gold.  This gold cabinet pull hung upside down creates the perfect bowl for my chalk. Here's the tutorial on how to hang it.
(I purchased this one at a discount chain about a year ago waiting for the perfect project.)

 (The view coming in from the garage.)

The end result: I created another extension in our home specifically for coats, hats, boots and all those important papers that we need to look at during the week.  No more messy, cluttered fridge with crap hanging off the side of it.  Everything is in one place. The memoboard will have all the kids important schedules and reminders tacked to it

What do you think? Is this something you could see yourself doing in your own home? I'd love to hear your feedback.

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

And remember to take this 'New Year thing' one day at a time.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Masculine Beach Digs |

Hello Readers, 

Recently I was contacted by to design a room around one of their auctioned paintings.  If you're not familiar with they offer premier on-line world auctions--featuring  paintings, furniture, jewelry, rugs, collectibles and even wine and toys from all over they world.  This would be the place to get something truly unique for your room or splurge on something exquisite for yourself or someone special.  

I love it when companies or clients contact me to design a room around one thing.  One of my favorite things about design is-- the starting point.  Not knowing what you will create, but when you are done, absolutely loving what you've created.  The room could have taken on another look if it was based around say a rug or a piece of furniture...  That's the part that makes me truly appreciate where I go with each room I design.  

There are so many paintings to chose from at Whether its seascapes, animal oil paintings ( I am a huge fan of the dog pointer paintings), European art, posters, photography prints and even sculptures.  

I decided to search the "seascapes"  paintings and I found this great painting of a sailing ship by Elisio Bolino San Giacomo for $100. 

The painting has a masculine feel to it so I instantly knew I would be designing a room for The World Traveler who happens to live on the beach.  The purpose is to bring in some nautical aspects of the room, but not make the room too cliche'--A room that will express the love of the beach, but also have the masculine undertones of a man that appreciates the world..  And the Beachy, Eclectic Traveler is born.

The Turkish rug, brown leather chair and natural driftwood shades offer the perfect balance of relaxed-texture and keep with a masculine flair them of the room.   A cube ottoman provides extra seating in a pinch.  Silver, gold  and antique bronze are mixed through out the room and bring the room to life.  I chose Benjamin Moore's Grey Horse as an accent wall behind the couch and painting-- I love how it interacts with the colors in the painting and make it pop. 

Nautical elements: Driftwood shade, Couch, Port-hole mirror, oil painting, floor telescope, green bottle, sleek flush mount lighting, & iron and wood side table.

Worldly collections:  Leather Chair, the aged curio cabinet, Turkish carpet, globes, a collection of books, gold floor lamp, & grey nail head trim ottoman.

Thank you to for the opportunity to inspire me to create a room that has so much to talk about.  I do happen to have someone in mind for this project... 

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Little Holly, Jolly | 2014 Christmas Tour

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Today I am sharing how to bring in a little 'Jingle' to your house this Holiday season.

I love to decorate for Christmas, but I don't like to be overwhelmed by the decorations.  I just bring in a few of the seasons natural 'gifts' and keep it simple.   

My Number One Rule: Bring on the shine, sparkle and texture!

(Here's our previous years inspiration.  It's interesting how my taste changes from what I am inspired from year to year..)
Front Porch: I splurge every year on fresh garland.. I use it around the door and break it up to tuck here and there.  This year I used some to make a swag on our outdoor light sconces. 

 The wreath is a simple faux green wreath with fresh springs of cedar tucked in.  I added 2 pine cones threaded on a metallic ribbon hung from the wreath holder.   

Foyer: This year our home is filled with pine cones, mercury glass, muted ornaments and fresh garland.  You don't have to spend a fortune making your house special for the Holidays.  A box of ornaments and snowflakes from Walmart, a few mercury candlesticks from Homegoods and mixing in a few things you already have can easily do the job just fine.  

A garland swag for the stair case..  I usually sweep the garland all the way up the stairs, but this year I was inspired to do just a swag at the arm.  

I used a four foot fresh garland and tied it with string to keep it in place.  I then tucked and poked fresh cedar springs from my yard and added pine cones and ornaments.  

I love all the layers! 

Dining Room: My dining room is pretty simple..  Just a boxwood wreath around a hurricane vase for a centerpiece and a bunched up runner.  
I shared my DIY Paper Holiday Wreath last week..  It looks like a lot of effort, but I used white printer paper and it only took an hour.  

I think the end result is breathtaking and I can get some use out of it through the Spring.. 
Here is the Tutorial.

My centerpiece: I simply tucked fresh cedar sprigs and pine cones inside the hurricane vase and added a mercury candle for some shine.   
It's the simple touches of outside that inspire me during the holiday season.

Family Room: Our mantle has been tucked with fresh garland as well.  I used the trimmings from the bottom of the tree and added fresh cedar from my yard.  My faux fur wreath was a score from Marshall's.

A simple pillow with some sparkly beads is enough to dress up a chair and make it extra special..

Our tree is adorned with gold, silver and pearl white ornaments, snowballs, snowflakes, and some great family ornaments with memories-- just the way I like it.  The kids help me decorate it now every year and it is has so much more meaning..  

This year I used a curtain panel as our tree skirt.  Any fabric will do...

A simple bow tied on a dresser takes it up a notch..

A silver tray given to us as a wedding gift makes a great place to gather these ornaments, pine cones and mercury votives...

Kitchen: The kitchen is the gathering place for most 'get togethers'..  Why would it be any different for the Holidays?  Again, I just like the little touches..  

 A simple boxwood wreath adds the right amount of texture to the glass cabinet doors.

A white stag head on a cake platter with fresh greens is a simple statement for the season..

Our pie cabinet gets the treatment with fresh greens, a small tree with metallic pearls, silver candlesticks with gold painted pine cones, and a glass house. 

I used a gold snowflake stocking holder to hang a string of pine cones and an ornament.  

And last, but not least, our back porch..
This year a wrapped lights around the top rail of the deck and the result at night is very sweet.

I also hung a faux green wreath and hung ornaments from a gold and brown ribbon behind it. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you were inspired with a few ideas to make your Holiday better than the last.

For more ideas to make this years Holiday special visit my pinterest board --Christmas.

Wishing you and yours a Holiday filled with laughter and joy, Happy Hunting!

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