Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall, Ya'll | Tucking Pumpkins

Hello All,

With the recent chilly nights and mornings the last few weeks I have been pushed to a new realization:  Summer is gone and Fall is here.   

Fall just so happens to be one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Aren't they all?  

So, what does that mean? 

Lots of fires to keep us warm...
impromptu "Smore's and Sparkler parties" on the outside fire pit...
picking the most glorious assortment of pumpkins and gourds... 
and eating my way through all the Fall fairs.
I am officially on the hunt for the best corn dog and funnel cake out there and I plan on washing it all down with a Guinness. (It doesn't take much to make this girl happy.)

Here is the view today off my porch.  The leaves are already starting to change and I am inspired by the bursts of color...
Pops of red, orange, yellow and green...

Today I am sharing one of my favorite ways to create a planter full of the inspiration for this seasons colors. On a budget, of course.

Renewing your planters for Fall: I love to have my pots dripping with perfection.  The key to this is literally to tuck and poke various plants into their new home.  And to follow a simple formula...height, texture, color, and vining (drip). 

This time of the year, some of the plants you planted in the spring might still look good.  I've always frowned upon throwing out perfectly good plants just because they didn't fit the season. Take my potato vine (drip) and coleus (color) planter for example. These plants still work with the inspiration colors.
 I took the caladium bulbs out of the middle and replaced them with tall purple fountain grass (height), a small white mum (color) , creeping fig (drip), and a cabbage (texture).   

This containers final cost? $12.00 

Splitting mums:  Most plants have one stock in the temporary pot when you buy them. My yellow mums had 3 stocks in one pot.  This means I can split them apart and get more bang for my buck.  The cost for my yellow mum was $5.00.  I also use this little trick when buying plants for my garden....
tomato plants..peppers..and cucumbers to name a few.
Just a little tip my friends.

This variation of a yellow mum split up is a perfect example of getting more bang for your buck.  Don't you think?
Don't forget to tuck a pumpkin in! Total for this little beauty?  $11.00

Discount Deals: Fall is the perfect time to visit your local green house or discount chain for spectacular deals on annuals and perennials right now.  I saved big bucks and had lots of choices to bring in color and texture.  The best part?  All of these but the ornamental kale and coleus are perennials.   That means I can use them again next year...
It's the small victories people.
This one has creeping fig (drip), coral bells (texture), and coleus (height) with some existing potato vine (drip).  The pop of the orange pumpkin gives this masterpiece a touch of the unexpected. Not too bad for $9.00.

Tip:  When the last carmel apple has been consumed (or you throw out the last slice of pumpkin pie in an effort to start your new diet) feel free to plant your perennial potted mums in the yard. Just simply dig a hole, put the mum in and cut the foliage down leaving about 3 inches.

In the Spring, the foliage will be a green ball until the end of August producing a nice pop of color just in time for Fall.  Yippeee!

 Who can resist a planter full with the combination of these little Fall goodies?  

From my House, to your House, Happy Hunting!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Nautical Room | The Rope Wins Again

Hello Fellow DIY'ers, 

Today I am sharing a super easy project that is not only easy on the wallet, but easy for the not so crafty.  I recently purchased this fabulous Nate Berkus for Target mirror at a thrift store for $10.  The mirror had a slight scratch on the paint, but I felt it was minor enough since I would probably paint it a different color anyways...

I chose a nice creamy cream color and decided to only cover the red finish keeping the gold accent. 

Once finished I could never really find the 'perfect spot' for this mirror in my home. 
Until now.  I knew this mirror would be fabulous wrapped in rope!  Sorry, Nate Berkus...

I started at the bottom and wrapped the line around and around. 
Since this mirror has an octagon shape, I creased the line to bend it where each time I went around a corner.  This ensured to keep the rope with an angle instead of rounding the edges. 

Bottom Line: All in this project took about 20 minutes and I used some existing rope I had on hand that was purchased at Lowe's.  I also used my trusty glue gun to adhere the rope to the mirror.  You could use any existing mirror in your home to perk up for this project.

I absolutely love how this mirror turned out and I have the perfect spot for it. I also love the price-- $10.  

A few weeks ago, I gave an old dresser (that the previous home-owners left behind) a couple of coats of paint in Benjamin Moore's | Chantilly lace and changed up the hardware.  Such an easy thing to do to change the look of a piece of furniture.  Don't you think?

And as always: None of my rooms are complete without a touch of brass.  It's like an engagement ring for your room. I feel like it adds a level of sophistication.

This brass sailboat hook completes the look.  I took it from behind the existing bathroom door, so it was (you guessed it!) FREE. 

My daughter painted this nautical crayon and watercolor masterpiece a couple of years ago right when we purchased The Beach Bunker.  I knew instantly it would be framed and displayed in this house.  

Are you ready to get your 'ROPE ON'?  Do you love Nautical home decor?  What do you think about my Nautical mirror for less?

From my house to your house, Happy Hunting!

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More of my Nautical Projects that may inspire you...just click on the link for the inspiration:   

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chairish Design Board | Buy. Sell. Adore.

Hello All,

Since Summer began, I have been spending as much time as I can on the shoreline with my family and friends. I am often taken away with the simplicity of beach living and it truly feels like I am at home by the water.  I celebrate the minimalist in me.. all you need is the basics. 
No clutter. Easy living.

I have been inspired daily, but I am enjoying spending time with my loved ones. I have so many inspirations waiting in the wings and can't wait to execute all of my ideas when Summer closes.    

Recently Chairish contacted me to put together a style board for a room that reflects my flair. For those of you who don't know, Chairish is an online boutique for upscale, unique, vintage pieces.  They have been featured in Elle Decor, Domaine, House of Beautiful, InStyle, and many more.  The prices are listed, but a "make an offer" option is available.  

The database is super easy to navigate through and is filled with beautiful one-of-a-kind Curator picks listed by city.  Whatever your style from Mid-Century Modern, Eclectic, Traditional, Cottage or Glam...this is the place to find something special for your room.

The decision:  I first selected the inspiration for my Living Room which is this Coco Chanel style pink velvet accent chair and I directed the room from there.  Here are some other vintage accent chairs that are available.

The Traditional lines of the chair are classic, but the bold pink fabric makes this piece stand out and puts a new twist on Grandma's hand me down.  

A place for your tush: I then selected some seating that I felt would compliment this gorgeous pink chair.  The boldness of the pattern on the black and beige couch and the artwork take this rooms personality up a notch and keeps things interesting.  

In keeping with my own rules, I brought in most of the color with pillows, art and accessories.  By repeating the bright pink color in the room it draws in a sense of cohesiveness and highlights the inspiration color.  

Knick Knack paddy wack, give the dog a bone: The 1960's Convex mirrorEstee Lauder dog portrait, designer books, and a glossy pink box with a Swarovski antler handle inject timeless tradition into the room.  

Masculine edgeI love the look of a side table with an ottoman pushed underneath it. This gives the ottoman dual purpose--a space saver under a desk AND extra seating for when you have guests.  Not to mention it can turn an otherwise boring small wall or a small area within your room into another glorious focal point.  This Ralph Lauren navy pinstripe ottoman is stunning.  It reminds me of a handsome menswear suit. 
One of my favorite accessories right now is a brass task light .  Big or small.  Table or floor. It brings some masculine flair into any room.

The girly, girl: The vintage elephant garden stool, the lines of the Curry and Co. Eternity floor lamp and bright pink color infuse feminine curves into the room.  My style has always been about finding the right balance of masculine and feminine into a room.  It's what takes it from boring to spectacular...

A time to reflect: This room has it all...feminine, masculine, bold, bright, timeless, classic and a unique personality.  The texture of the upholstered quadrille console table, valpara flatweave rug and original Daniel Marchi painting bring the room to life.  The detail of the frames, mirror, lamp and elephant draw the eye in wanting more.  

If you follow my blog, you know that I am a sucker for animal art. The quirkier, the better. An instant conversation piece that adds whimsy.  There are some great ones available at Chairish.com

A final note: This was so much fun to create this design board.  All of these magnificent items (except the books) are available for purchase at Chairish.com.  And I also want to thank Chairish for this opportunity. 

I love projects like this... This is very similar to how many of the rooms in my home and my entire beach house were designed.  A quirky item found on the side of the road, a random trip to a thrift store that revealed a sweet find or a little something unexpected in the clearance isle.  Either way, it is so much fun to start a room with that special item and watch is grow from there.

Are you drooling over that convex mirror?  Can you find a home for that gorgeous vintage elephant garden stool? I don't know about you, but I got some great DIY ideas from this website!!  

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Summer Patio Inspiration | Doing it on a Dime

Hi Ya'll!
Who's got big plans this weekend?  I am ecstatic that the snow is GONE and the warm weather is upon us. I am from Texas so these Connecticut winters take all the life out of me. I need the sun to dance in!  Seriously.  I am a Summer girl for sure!!

Today I am going to show you how a little money on accessories can transform your patio.  $87.96 to be exact.  As well as, some inspiration for your Spring and Summer planters.  

The List:
Fern $10
Hosta $6.96
Umbrella $55
Pillows $16 
Total $87.96

I don't know if it's the "Southern" in me or what, but a fern adds just the right texture to a space.  I love me some fern....
These guys are so easy to grow, just make sure they have some shade.  Mine sits a-top an old birdbath pillar.  The wind broke my bowl over the winter, but no worries I found a new use it for it.  I had a matching pot and slipped the fern right in.  They both came from Ocean State a couple of years ago.

I am obsessed with succulents.  The color, the texture, the simplicity.  This one was a gift but was only $24 at Lowe's.  What a deal!

I am a nautical girl at heart...I grew up on the water.   Stripes behold my heart.  In fact, I think I wear stripes just about every day. These punchy black and white stripe inspired pillows were under $10 each at Walmart. My heart is beating...

  An umbrella is a must to keep cool in the sun.  You may fancy one with a pattern or a solid color...
Just so happens, a cheap one makes me even happier.  Don't be afraid to shop at Ocean State, or Walmart...you never know what you will find.

We have had this furniture for about 7 years. It's a teak set we bought at Target.  It has definitely run it's course, but it might have 1 more year left.  Next week I am going to give it a little love and roll some stain over it.  It will look brand new when I'm done. Hopefully...

Tip: If you have a wrought iron set, spray it black and it will look brand new too.  Paint, color, texture, fabric, and  a little bit of hope can jump start your patio for the Summer's  festivities.  

I am a big fan of perennials in a pot.  They come back year to year and you will save money in the long run.

boxwood perfection.

Love the plants!

  I now only put together a few pots of annuals for color.  I shoot for lime green (potato vine), hot pink (coleus or petunia) , variegated (hosta, caladiums or coleus) with a little bit of texture (fern or goldilocks).  These combinations are all breath taking...

Love this!!!  Magic Trick: The Invisible Window Box : Remodelista
Trying to get better at container planting -- this is gorgeous!
shade containers so easy to do, goldilocks for the vine, begonia, fern, lime potato vine, impatiens, lobelia....all found at the greenhouse!

What do you think?  Have you been inspired to give your outdoor space a new look?

**Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend? With all this nice weather I am in the mood to P-A-R-T-Y! Whether its the perfect appetizer, or a delectably adorable dessert, or maybe its the perfect decoration you desire... All can be found on my Party Time inspiration board. Enjoy and get YOUR party on! 

From my House, to your House-- Happy Hunting!!

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