Friday, December 11, 2015

Embellishing Your Holiday Decor With Faux Fur | A Sentimental Gift

Hi Readers,

Hope you are well on your way to decorating with some beautiful things this Holiday Season. I just finished putting the finishes on our house earlier this week..  I shared some great ideas on simple Holiday decor that doesn't break the bank..

Faux fur has made a come back.. Not only is it a chic way to accessories your outfit, but it's a chic way to decorate your reindeer.. or even your wine bottles for the holidays. 

I've seen a few of these fur scarfs at various stores that have caught my eye, but you know me...I'm going to do it my way.  

I cut this random piece of faux fur off an old stocking and dipped into some of my Grandmothers earrings.  You can easily buy some of this inexpensive fur in various blends at the craft store. 

The combinations can be endless..  You may have some pins you would like to pass on.. or you can even find sparkly earrings and pins at discount chains, or department stores.. 

Step 1: You simply cut the faux fur to the desired length. You can do a simple cuff or you can overlap like a ribbon.

I bought my naked reindeer at Target a couple of years ago.. ha!

Step 2: Once I put the fur in place, I just used the earring to secure it.  Super easy and beautiful.

 I love this..

This is also a great idea for your hostess gift or maybe even a sentimental gift to a Daughter, Sister, Mom, Grandmother or Friend.  Doesn't get classier than that.. 

  My Grandmother passed down so many of her beautiful pins through the years.  I love a gift that has meaning.

I even put one in my office...very chic.

This is a quick project that bumps your Holiday decor up on the chic meter. 
 Is this a project you can see yourself doing?



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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Marty! I love it too! ;) Your living room looks stunning--the pops of green are breathtaking. Happy Holidays!

  2. All of your "furry" décor is lovely!!!
    My deer would be out of luck because I wear my handmedown pins :^)
    Some of the people that I work with come by my desk just to see what kind of pin I have that day ......too funny!!
    Your home is lovely, I have been reading backward since I "found" you at Stacey's house.
    Blessings to you,


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