Friday, November 16, 2012

To Paint Knotty Pine or Not Paint Knotty Pine? That is the Question.

For all those  "not so" knotty pine people...

It's been a few weeks since the hubby and I have started painting the knotty pine.  After many coats of paint and many hours of work, WE DID IT!  

I am here to report, you can do it too and this is how.

Did I mention I loathe knotty pine?

My hubs found this video from HGTV on how to paint the knotty pine.  Go Hubs!

I went into the local Benjamin Moore store and requested a shallec primer just like the video suggests.  I'm sure you can get a similar product from Lowes or most paint shops.

Since the knotty pine has a coat of polyurethane on it, this primer is essential to act as a barrier for the latex paint.  Without the primer, the paint wouldn't stick and the knots would bleed through the paint. Nothing would be worse, than spending all this money, chosing not to do a primer, and the paint just peeling off.  Could you imagine?

This is the latex paint that I chose to cover the primer --Chantilly Lace in a pearl finish.  The pearl finish is much like a semi gloss, but a cheaper version. The same look for less.   If I opted for the more expensive paint in a semi gloss, I would have paid $15 more a can.  I knew this job was going to be expensive to begin with, so it was a "no brainer" for me...
Just because these guys want to sell you the expensive stuff, doesn't mean you have to get it.  Do your homework people!

This wood was thirsty, and I mean thirsty.  All in, it was 4 coats of paint.  2 coats of primer and 2 coats of latex paint.
The living room was the starting point.

We went from this...
To this... 
The Paint Specialist instructed me to cover all the knots with the primer first.  This keeps the knots from bleeding through once you put your first coat of primer on.  The primer dries very quickly and is very thin, so although it was an extra step, it wasn't too bad.

To this...
The window, door and ceiling mouldings also will be done in the Chantilly Lace.

I will paint the insides of the window once the warmer weather comes back around in the Spring.  We will also be adding a 3 inch floor moulding.
My hubs wanted to replace the existing doors, but I felt like the doors had great bones and they even still had the original glass knobs on them.  Hey, a little bit of vintage!  (I just gave you a hint of my theme.)  The doors were also given a little coat of Chantilly and I still feel like I made a good choice.  

By the way, look whats underneath the carpet!  Not in perfect condition, but a score none-the-less.  We decided to have all the floors refinished and give them a new life.

I will take this updated, easy living, version of knotty pine paneling any day.

What a difference a coat of paint makes, huh?  Well, maybe 4 coats of paint...

Dark and dreary to light and airy, just my style!

I will admit, taking this road was a commitment.  There were times I wondered if we would ever finish and thought I could not possibly paint any more.  BUT you can do it and it's definitely worth it.

Stay tuned for our kitchen update.  This little cottage is also getting a NEW fabulous kitchen. PLUS much, much more.  You won't want to miss the kids room and some special projects for the master and bathroom/laundry room.  Follow me on facebook @

***And the full tour of The Beach Bunker is up!!

Five inexpensive ways to update an out-of-date home

1) Paint; just by painting the walls, you are adding an instant update.  

2) Floors; if your home has some hardwood floors, it is a pretty safe bet, the whole house has wood floors (Score!) Lift up that carpet and take a peek...If not, you can always add Pergo floors and ask some family/friends to help out with the installation.

3) Kitchen Cabinets; most of the time, you can paint kitchen cabinets and change out the hardware for a quick update.  I also like to remove cabinet doors and paint the inside of the cabinets for a modern look.  
4) Mouldings; By painting doors, their mouldings and window sills you can add a custom look.

5)  Bathroom; An easy way to update a bathroom is by changing out the mirror and the shower curtain.  You can also change out the towel hangers and toilet paper holder.

What do you think?  Do you have a knotty pine project you want to tackle?  Do you now have the courage?  Are you knotty? (Get it? Yes, I went there) ;)

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