Sunday, January 20, 2013

BRASS is back, baby!

I spy BRASS....

Brass has been around  forever and is uber traditional.  I have noticed it has taken a turn for a more modern look lately....

Let's get right to it!

 Here are some of my favorite inspirational pictures of some super chic ways to use it...

A brass wishbone!  

A beautiful brass bar cart....
Just look at that emerald green and hot pink together!
Drinks trolley

I absolutely love this stairway!

These neutral tones work beautifully with brass...

A luscious Kelly Green bureau with brass embellishments- get it while it's HOT!Green bureau with black tassels, via Lonny Magazine

A bar that's masculine, yet feminine too....

Even on a headboard.
Elliot Brass Button Headboard

Love this brass pharmacy lamp!

brass pharmacy lamp

Lots of pop with brass baubles...

Gotta have a little brass love for your door too!

Front door in high gloss black paint and bright brass hardware. Very inviting, nice clean look.

Over the Fall, I have collected some brass Goodwill pieces with every intention of painting them a bronze, silver or a flashy pop of color.   To my surprise, these pieces have kept their original sheen and found a place in my home.  

How about those brass beauties? Have you caught the BRASS BUG yet?  Get your Brass Love on!



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