Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The First Impression...

Knock, Knock....Who's There?

What does your FRONT DOOR say about you?

There is nothing like a shiny black front door. I am obsessed with them, especially with all the gold hardware.  With just a little bit of money, you can add some serious "curb appeal" to the front of your house.


The door I found here is simply delicious! The look is classic, noble, and polished.  I also have been known to like a red front door too...

This is what were working with...

I have tried painting my door like this several times and it has never came out like I had planned.
You can see the marks of the spray paint and the gloss--not so nice, huh?

I tried to achieve this look a few years ago with some semi-gloss acrylic paint.  I even tried my trusty black glossy spray paint last SPRAY PAINTING SEASON.  This year, I was going to get it right, so I took a trip down to my local Benjamin Moore store.

I do go to the Benjamin Moore store a lot.  I am on a first name basis with Mike, my trusty consultant.  Who is fantastic and never steers me wrong.  He even knows my kids names but that is another story (or post!)--well just say he is very quick to get me out of the store.

I explained to Mike how I lusted after a shiny black door and just as I am prepared for him to recommend a lovely oil based semi-gloss black paint for the job...he directs me to a semi-gloss acrylic paint.

No paint stripper, no oil paint just a semi-gloss acrylic water based paint.  Really?  Didn't I already try it that way?  He's the professional though, so I decided to go with it...

Mike then showed me a brochure with a grid and number system used for painting a front door.  Starting with the number 1, and working to number 5, working with each panel one by one.   Apparently you just can't slather your door in paint and expect it to look good.

I had no idea! Isn't Mike great?

This is the paint he recommended...

Mike instructed me to use a dry brush to get the dust out of the grooves and wash the door with a large sponge--TWICE.

I did just as he said.  

Then I took the door off the hinges, laying it flat on a pair of horses(in the shade), and taped off the door hardware. Panel by panel, I painted with a brush.  Repeating to myself what Mike had said, "get the paint on  and then get out...don't mess with it too much."

When the door went back up on the hinges, I stood back, called the whole family out, smiled and---

it looked just like it did before I painted it.

I am NOT a quitter people!  Now it's personal...

I wasn't going to sleep until I got this right (seriously).  This time, I left the door on the hinges and used a roller brush on the panels, not the molding. I had an hour and a half before I had to pick my daughter up from school, so it was CRUNCH TIME!

 I followed the grid system just like the chart showed, but since I was in a rush--I used my blow dryer to quickly dry the paint after I painted each panel.

One by one, after I used the blow dryer the panels were drying shiny with no patchy spots.

Can you believe it? I don't know if it was the roller or the blow dryer and WHO CARES?!

Ding Ding... We Got A Winner!

I got a SHINY black front door!

This season, I am obsessed with boxwood's in pedestal pots...

To see what a little spray paint can do for your outside light fixtures and terra cotta-- click here

Don't forget the gold jewelry!

Hubby was nice enough to put these two pieces on for me.  It's always all about the details.

Installation took about 15 minutes...

What do you think?  Third time's  Fourth time's a charm!

Paint $15
Door Knocker $15
Door Bell $20

Do you have an obsession with a shiny black door or another color?
What does your front door say about you?
I would love to hear about it.


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  1. This is totally fabulous. Your door is gorgeous and I had no idea there was a system to painting a front door. Great tutorial. Love it. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great job on the door. I am going to try it. Thanks

  3. I love this! Just beautiful and all of your hard work was worth it. Our door has been red for ever (previous owners) and I not such a fan so I'm trying to think of new options. Hopefully it will be done this summer! By the way, I found you over on The Shabby Nest.

  4. Classic! I love gold and brass details too and am so happy to see it popping up more!

  5. Unfortunately my front door says, "Go 'round back." Yours looks great. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  6. I have a black front door too.

    I love your door and your flowers it just says come on in and sit a while.


  7. Wow...your door looks great and I too love the boxwoods! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have a (possibly silly) question...I'm dying to paint my door black, and will totally try the paint you have blogged about. But do you paint the inside of the door also?

    1. Hi Kerry! I did not paint the back of my front door black. But, I do think painting both sides of the front door would be a great way to add character to your home. Good luck on your project! :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I've never seen the grid before, so thanks for sharing. I love black doors. We had one in our last home. The painter said he hated painting black doors. So, even the professionals have their challenges. I wonder if a top coat would help protect and or enhance the shine? Looks great!

  10. If there's something you should keep well-maintained on your house aside from the roof, it's the door. It's the one that's shaking hands with the guests, so it's best that they look very accommodating and presentable.


  11. Glad to hear that you didn't give up, even after failing to achieve the desired outcome! Now that's called resilience! Asking help from a professional, or someone that knows how to repaint a door is the best thing to do, but if you're persistent and think you can do it yourself, why not go ahead and do it, right? Congrats for a job well done, Holly!

  12. All you needed was proper advice and help from someone that knows painting stuff. A little research would do you good too. But it's okay to make mistakes; it's natural, and it's where we learn to correct and outdo the first try. What matters is that you give it another try to make things right. Good job, Holly!

  13. Do you have to take the door off? And how many coats do you apply? Im trying to achieve a shiny red front door ... Im scared..

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