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Inspired by The Perfect Statement Chair

Recently I was contacted by One Kings Lane to help introduce their Home Decor Resource Guide to my readers.  They asked if I had a statement chair that I wouldn't mind sharing on my blog.  Of course I do!

  Today I am sharing a recent curbside rescue.  

A statement chair is the center piece of a room, your eye is instantly drawn to it.  It sets the mood for that particular space--it can go in a nook, a foyer/entryway, a closet, bathroom and even a living room.  Statement chairs are usually unique, elegant and uber stylish.  With a little bit of drama...

A few months back, while on a family outing, I spotted a hopeless curbside chair that spoke to me, if you will.

Make no mistake--I can hunt for the perfect rug, lamp, light fixture, curtains and so forth. It's almost like an animal instinct.  When I am in the zone, I am a force to be reckoned with.  

When I'm least expecting it, someone will put a piece of furniture on the curb to throw out and totally send me off my tracks.  I see the furniture. I think about the furniture. I know exactly what I will do with that piece of furniture on the curb and where it will go in my house.  Instantly.  Then all of a sudden I am designing a room around that curbside rescue. 

The inspiration is humorous to me.  I am easily inspired, but finding someone else's trash and having it turn my house upside down is classic.   I wasn't even looking for that piece of furniture, but it found me.  

The cane wicker seat of my 'new' chair was in shambles, but I knew the chair had great potential. Perhaps it was the life of the party?  

I could not leave this chair behind.  My husband had to ask--"Really, Holly?"

He does ask that a lot.  Obviously if I listened to him or anyone else, where would I be today? "Jeez...give me a little joy", I say!   

We packed that beauty up and we were off.  "Did anybody see us?" my husband asked...

Here's the only picture I could find of the "before" after I painted it antique white.  Since the cane was caved in on the seat, I found a thin piece of wood and cut it to the dimensions of the seat and nailed it down with a compressor.  Next, I stacked layer over layer of batting cut in the same shape to create a cushion for the seat.  I also layered the same batting over the round back of the chair.  

One Kings Lane Resource Guide helped me find out what kind of chair this was and gave me a pretty good idea of what one would cost.  There are also some great articles filled with inspiration on how to chose the right statement chair for your space.  Are you entertaining this holiday season?  If so, you might want to check out this article on DIY Stain proofing your chairs.

I found this inspiration chair from One Kings Lane which is almost identical to my curbside rescue and it retails for $649.  
Louis XVI-Style   Armchair

I knew my chair was a Louis, but I didn't really know anything else.  Interestingly, I uncovered it was a Louis XVI Neo-Classical French chair.  Which are also the most imitated reproductions in history.  

They have a classic round back and are either with or without arms.  You can also find these chairs with nail head trim or with cane webbing.  The "ghost" lucite chair is modeled specifically after the Louis XVI chair for a more modern statement.

If you are searching for the perfect statement chair, this is your guide to get the history and inspiration for your room.  It is the ultimate dictionary for statement chairs and everything to do with chairs.

While I absolutely love the fabric on my inspiration Louis XVI chair, it might be too bold for me. Right now I am into neutral furnishings.  I mostly bring pattern in on a rug or pillows, and then I focus on texture.  Other than that, my furniture always stays neutral.  I know, it may be considered boring to some, but I like to think of it as smart. I tire of things easily and it's less expensive to change out a pillow and give it a whole different look.

I chose a painters drop cloth fabric to upholster this chair in.  Once washed, I loved the texture of it.  It's almost like an expensive Belgian linen fabric.  And of course, adding details like nail head trim take it up a notch.  

What do you think? Not too shabby for free, huh?   

So what kind of statement does this chair make in my foyer?   

I think it's sophisticated, classic, and yet casual at the same time.  It says the person that lives here has good taste and likes nice things, but isn't afraid for people (little hands) to touch her stuff.  If you ask me, this chair has just the right detail and is still the life of the party. 

The best way to get great finds on a curb is to pick furniture that has details.  My office was also planned around a curbside treasure.  

Don't be afraid to take a's free, remember? 

Once a piece of trash to one, is now a treasure to another.  
The black wingback chair was a rescue too.  Here's my tutorial on Do it yourself upholstering.

Do you have any questions about a chair in your home? Are you looking for some statement chair inspiration?  What are you waiting for?? Go check out the One Kings Lane Resource Guide.  

Not already a member of One Kings Lane?  Here's an official Invitation to One Kings Lane.  The inspiration is endless.  The sales are stimulating.  Have fun!

From my HOUSE to your HOUSE, Happy Hunting!

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  1. Keep your eye on other's JUNK ! There may be a TREASURE hiding under old paint or covering. Good luck on your future hunts ! Texdw70

  2. I was at the local upholster shop last week and there sat 8 chairs similar to yours with the seats ready to be repaired! The designer mentioned that many are in need of repair - she sees this a lot. Good for you in that you've saved this chair from the trash and made it look great too! Impressive.

  3. I love your chair! What is the fabric for the pillow? It's beautiful. I have a chair from Goodwill I'm redoing now and a curbside find for my daughter's room waiting to be done in my garage. So many treasures, so little time!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thanks so much! I found the Storehouse pillow at Marshall's marked down to $10. It is absolutely perfect. LOVE the pattern.
      Thrifty finds are the best-- Good luck with your projects!


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