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Some simple ways to add some SPARKLE to your Holiday | Inexpensively

Hello All,

There's always a little pressure for entertaining around the holidays to have everything 'just right' in your house.  Who doesn't want to have a house that dazzles this holiday? 

If your anything like me, I make my way down the Christmas isle every year to gather my inspiration for this years decorations.  I could easily spend hundreds of dollars on new inspiration, but I stop myself and think of ways I can do it on a budget. This is my spin on Christmas for less.

1. Break down and buy a box of GLITTERED SNOWFLAKES from a local major discount store.  All this glory in a $2.98 box is one of my favorite ways to add some sparkle to my house.  You can hang them from the mantle, windows, wreaths, staircases, door knobs, candlesticks, a chandelier,  lamps, wine bottles... and of course, your Christmas tree!  

Even in empty frames!

 Buy 3 boxes. Seriously, it will transform your house...for reals. 

2. Shake up that CHANDELIER WITH ORNAMENTS (and snowflakes!).  Whatever ornaments you're drawn to, play around with it... Instant holiday sparkle! 

Last year I used white snowflakes.  Here's 2012's holiday decorations.  

Interesting to see my decorations are quite different every year.

3. A SIMPLE HOLIDAY CENTERPIECE.  This one is just a gold tray with fresh greenery clippings and a few glass ornaments.  

4. A TRAY FOR YOUR SPIRITS.  I am easily inspired from all my travels.  Recently, I was inspired from a trip to Napa Valley.  While at a great modern vineyard, I noticed a little silver tray that our host used to bring all the different wines for us to try.  When I got home, I dusted off my parent's tray that was collecting dust in the basement and shined that baby up. 

 Now it makes an appearance as a tray to corral our libations at every gathering.  If you don't have a silver tray, no worries any tray or mirror will do.  And make no mistake-- everyone will know where to go to get their 'happy" on.  Little details like this make your gathering even more special.

      {For some inspiring drinks for this holiday season check out my dranks on Pinterest.}

5. Make PILLOWS FROM FABRIC NAPKINS. It doesn't get any easier than this. Sew three sides together right side in, turn right side out, stuff and whip stitch the bottom.    So much  cheaper than store bought pillows!  I have been doing this for years and no one is none the wiser.

These napkins were under $10 for 4.  You guessed it--2 pillows for $10!

6. Add GRANDMAS DIAMOND BROACHES to your pillows.  This is a super easy trick to make some ordinary pillows extraordinary.  Quick- run to your moms house and raid her jewelry box! 

7.  Make your own CHRISTMAS TERRARIUMS.  

I used sugar, a bottle brush tree that was only $2, some ornaments and some fresh clippings.  
You could get the kids involved on this one and I bet they would come up with some fun ones!

                            Sure you could add fake glittery snow, but I had the sugar, so it was free!

8. A CLASSIC CHRISTMAS MOVIE. Whether your favorite is Elf, A Charlie Brown Christmas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, etc.  Put one on  in the background and wait for the laughter and memories to fill the air. 

9. And just for fun-- HOLIDAY CRACKERS.  A British Holiday dinner tradition. Now a Christmas tradition in our house.  They traditionally hold crowns, tiny toys and a joke or riddle.  Super fun for a crowd!

10. Don't forget to HIDE THE PICKLE!  This American tradition dating back to the late 19th century provides hours of entertainment for our kids.  Whoever finds the pickle first, gets an extra present! Or good fortune for the coming year.

{Here are some more great ways to add some more SPARKLE to your home for the holidays.}

There you have it--  10 great inexpensive ways to turn your House into a Home this holiday season!

Here's to a Holiday filled with beauty, joy and laughter from my house to your house!


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