ONE) Do you love the look of ALL WHITE bedding? This look is easy to get without breaking the bank-- Instead of buying an expensive duvet cover, purchase 1 complete set of white sheets and an additional white flat sheet. One to use as your sheet and the other to layer over your down comforter.  (You could  use a blanket or a cotton comforter instead of a down comforter.)

To take our Beach Bunker tour, click here.

At the end of the week stripping the bed is a cinch!

This is great, especially if you have dogs and/or children. I always found taking the duvet cover off to wash a chore, especially when my dog would run right in after I washed it and track dirty feet on it.

Pattern sheets would work for this too.

I like to accent the white bedding with 4 white bed pillows and place 2 huge coordinating accent pillows in front with another pattern boudoir or bolster pillow in front. You can add another layer by throwing a nice coordinating textured throw blanket over the end.  By piecing your bedding together you get a one-of-a-kind look!

TWO) If you need a lot of CURTAINS and you don’t want to break the bank-- you can purchase TABLECLOTHs and use them as the curtain panels. Marshalls, TJ Maxx & Home Goods always have some FUN patterns that are more modern and fun to work with. You just need a tablecloth for each panel and hang with hooks on the curtain rod and Voila! Instant NEW no-sew CURTAINS!

You could also create a faux pinch pleat with the pinching curtain hooks and REALLY get the LOOK FOR LESS!
These curtains are tablecloths!  Click here to see the post on my office...

Another option is to make some matching pillows, cover a fabric headboard or re-cover a foot bench at the end of the bed with the same fabric. The possibilities are endless!

THREE) You could use a SHOWER CURTAIN to make a TWIN DUVET COVER. This is great for a vacation house and if you have double twin beds. Purchase the shower curtain first then match with coordinating sheets. Buy one more flat sheet and sew the flat sheet to the shower curtain (that already has button holes!) You would just need to sew some buttons on the flat sheet to match up with the holes on the shower curtain.

You can also switch your down comforter in the warmer months for a regular comforter and no one will even know.

I split this lime green king quilt in half, sewed the edges and used it for the kids matching bunk bed.
To see the other ways to inexpensively decorate a second home click here.

Cost Saver--
If your toddler is ready for a big boy/girl bed and you are not ready to make the big purchase or you don't know what kind of bed to get, here's an idea to get you going.  Purchase the boxspring and mattress with frame and make a fabric headboard.  This can easily be done with by purchasing a wide board from lowes and they will cut it down to size for you.  Staple an old comforter to the board for cushion and staple a sheet, shower curtain, or your choice of fabric on top to complete the look.  Super simple!

FOUR) Hanging a COLLAGE of PHOTOS that look unified is easy. I always have tons of frames that I don’t have places for. Just by spray painting them one color unifies the frame no matter what the detail of the frame. You can also spray paint these multiple colors for a modern look. I like to slip in a nice matte as well. This is a great way to display your favorite family photos, children’s artwork or a cool collection of black and white photos.

Click here to see an example.

FIVE) If you are looking for some new OUTDOOR PILLOWS with a punch of color -- using a SHOWER CURTAIN with a catchy print is a great way to start. Cut 2 squares per pillow, lay insides together, sew 3 sides, turn inside out, stuff and whip stitch the bottom to seal. An instant update for a fraction of the cost!

The shower curtain material is heavy duty and can WEATHER the WEATHER if you know what I mean…

Here are my shower curtain won't believe what's inside!
 Click here for the details.

You could also use FABRIC NAPKINS for this same purpose. Some have been known to use placemates--just open one side, stuff and whip stitch it closed.

Here's my fabric napkins I used in our family room for the spring.
To see the post on our family room click here.

SIX) If you have LOW CEILINGS and you want to make the ceiling look taller-- hang your curtain just below the ceiling and add panel curtains that hit all the way to the floor.

SEVEN) To make a room seem bigger arrange your furniture inside the room, not along the walls. It really does TRICK the EYE.

EIGHT) If your TODDLER is ready for a big boy/big girl BED and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on the bed-- start by purchasing a good mattress, box spring and bed frame. You can make a fabric headboard with a scrap piece of wood from a hardware store, an old comforter, a sheet and a glue gun. Use a flat sheet for the fabric, the old comforter for the padding and glue gun or staple the fabric and comforter to the wood. You could also buy an extra coordinating flat sheet to make the bed skirt with.

Even better--You could even repurpose a large picture frame and a piece of cardboard with batting and fabric. Slip the fabric cardboard in the frame and hang on the wall to look like a headboard. Just picture an antique silver frame with a nice burlap material...

Here's a simple fabric headboard I made with a piece of wood, an old comforter, fabric and a hot glue gun!

NINE) The BABY is coming and you don’t have a CHANGING TABLE. Just use a side table or narrow desk. I always kept a cute metal pail or basket filled with little toys and diaper creams, etc on the side. Just place your changing pad on the top, strap it down and YOU ARE IN BUSINESS!!

When you're done changing diapers, your little one can use it as a desk. You may even want to paint it a flashy color like red, navy or hot pink and change the hardware. All you need is to do is add a lamp and a chair!

Here's a picture of my daughters changing table turned desk.  My Mom got this at a tag sale for $20!

TEN) ARTWORK can be expensive. If you need to add impact to a large wall consider buying 4-6 large inexpensive frames and mattes from a local chain store. If you have been holding on to that CALENDAR with pictures from your favorite artist or just scenes you love now is the time you can use it. Just make sure the picture fits in the cut out of the matte. This is one of my favorite tips and looks so classy above a buffet table in a kitchen or dining room.

You could also use SCRAPBOOK paper!

Click here to see my foyer makeover.

Here's an extra tip-
If you want to add a little pizzazz to the jewelry you already have, you have to check out my DIY style! 

So many ideas to add a little something extra to all your pieces!

NOW you know a little bit about BEDAZZLING ON A BUDGET!

Can you DIG it?

Hope my TIPS & TRICKS are helpful!


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