Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What You May Or May Not Know About Me Or My Office...

I've decided to share some of the Q&A's from my recent feature on CNN Living.

The last feature was a special one because it highlighted my office.  Which used to be the kids toy room.  When I took a walk one Saturday morning with my neighbor/friend, we stumbled across someones curbside trash and it became my inspiration.  From that, I then decided to start my blog, House by Holly.  And what a curbside find it was!

Here are some of the reasons why I chose what I did for my office and how it evolved from the beginning...

Love the desk. What mood does a used/antique desk set in this home office? Would that be very different if the desk were new construction?
I love the flair of an antique desk- it adds character.  My office looks traditional, classic and sophisticated rolled up in one package. I'm a big fan of detail, whether it's nailhead trim, details in the wood furniture, hardware, a crystal chandelier or the grooves in frames. The details draw you in wanting to take another look. If I would have chosen a store bought desk, I may have looked for a desk with similar bones.  A color or shape of a desk can put a completely different spin on the room.  I think modern sleek lines are nice too, but antique furniture has more character and tells a story. 

What decorating details in the room inspire you to work in there?
The best part is there are no toys!  So it's a quiet place for me and it's my room.
 Because I used a lot of what I had on hand, the room came together easily and has many memories.  The chandelier was my mothers from her early 20's. She moved it house to house for the last 45 years, finally handing it over to me. As well as, most of the antique frames. The jewelry hanging on the dress form was given to me by my grandmother.  There are many of my ‘finds’ that I found, which is one of my passions in life. All of this keeps me inspired, grounded and reminds me of the strong women in my life.

I noticed your two little planters on the desk. What do plants do for a room that’s dedicated to focusing on work?

I like the texture and life that plants bring to a room.  The blue and white pattern is traditional, but the white owl planter adds a little bit of personality.  The fact that plants put off oxygen is a plus.  I do not have a "green thumb" at all, so succulents are the easiest for me.

How does this home office relate to the rest of your house?  Did you decorate it with the rest of your décor scheme in mind?
I think the flow of our house is just the same.  Traditional furniture with details and a little personality tucked in here and there.  I always try to use things I have on hand or that I have upcycled, so there's always a story or some vintage, if you will.  Our house has many stories!

How did you get motivated to complete this home office? I see on your blog that desk stayed in your garage for months. What finally got you going? How can others kick start their decorated home office?
The motivation was simple--I found the desk on a casual Saturday morning walk with my friend.  In a matter of seconds after the sighting, I knew instantly where this desk was going and what that entailed. It also inspired me to start my blog, House by Holly.

It took a couple of months to get all the kids stuff organized and to find a new home for all their stuff.  I also wanted to make sure I chose the right finish, so just looking at the desk for a few minutes as I drove into and out of the garage allowed me time to get to know her. In the meantime, I also started gathering things that I had around the house or that I picked up at yard sales to help me visualize.  

When decorating your own room you have to remember it takes time. Also, when you are drawn to certain things, you have to listen.  It helps you put the pieces together.  I design all of my rooms that way.  A little trip to the thrift store or a clearance section set the tone of every room I've decorated (including our cottage by the shore). Once I get the tone figured out, it all comes together.
It’s nice to have a room full of new furniture and accessories, but adding a few personal possessions that have meaning or history make a room feel unique and add character.

Be sure to check out my office on the original link to CNN Living.  I couldn't be more proud of this room and hope you are inspired too!

From my house to your house, Happy Hunting!

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