Monday, February 20, 2012

Introduction to House by Holly

As far back as I can remember-- I’ve always LOVED decorating, organizing and repurposing. I stayed with my grandmother every summer at a very young age. Nanny had a garage filled with old furniture and junk. Every summer, I would rummage through her junk and arrange the furniture like my very own apartment. My family would joke with me and say "You’re going to break your back moving all that furniture!" I would just laugh it off and keep on my moving my stuff. Till this day, I will find a way to move my furniture with or without any help. In fact, some of my best work is done when my husband isn’t home to complain about my creative brainstorms…

Growing up at my home, I would re-arrange the living room how I thought it would work most efficiently. My mother would move it right back to the way it was. When she would go to work, I would move it back to the way I liked it. This went on for a few years. Needless to say-- I finally won! Some 20 + years later, it is still arranged the way I left it. I was so persistent about the couch not being pushed up against the wall, but floating in the middle of the room...

In 1995, I went to college for Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Interior Design. One of my Professors gave me access to an old storage closet. It was filled with beautiful fabric samples and he told me to help myself. I created my entire line of clothing that season from those fabric samples. I didn’t stop there…I sewed some 60 velvet squares together making an awesome patchwork bedspread. Recently my mom just asked me, “Do you want any of those fabric squares?” “Yes, I will use it to recover my old dollhouse furniture for my daughter!”

So fast forward to now…I still love to repurpose and recycle things that the average eye might not see. I have had many homes and bedazzled all of them on a budget. Why not share my stories and ideas, and inspire YOU?


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