Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Jewelry Board with Meaning...

Hello All,

Recently I flew home to Dallas after my Grandmother passed away.  She was a long 98 years old. I remember her fondly to be a woman of great style and class.  Always put together and very proper.  Always a lady.  

When I was growing up, I would stay with my Grandmother at times during the Summer.  She would put me in the tub and clean under my nails and put "smell goods" in the bath water.  Do you remember those clear balls filled with an oily fragrance?  

The regimen was followed up with a quick fresh coat of pink nail polish on all of my piggy's. She would also sometimes let me play with her jewelry.  I would pretend I was a dealer selling these beautiful pieces to someone important.  I did this for hours and hours.  

When I was older she would send me beautiful shades of lipsticks and eye shadows from Estee Lauder all tucked in a beautiful promotion bag probably from a few seasons back.  I would get so excited when she would send me a package filled with "pretties".  I can still hear her say, "Here's some pretties, for my pretty little girl."  

I was lucky enough to go through her jewelry and collect some pieces that reminded me of her and some that I absolutely love.  I know that her love of jewelry and fashion was not lost on me...  It's our special bond.  

My collection of "pretties" is getting a little overwhelming and at times, I can forget what I have and miss an opportunity to showcase that special statement necklace with the perfect outfit. Well, not any more!

How to make a fabric covered board: I ended up recycling a large frame that housed a cheap print I purchased at a retail chain some years back.  I really liked the detail of the silver frame... I simply got rid of the glass, covered the cardboard backing using a hot glue gun and painters cloth and placed the "fabric board" back in the frame.  

You could use any fabric you would like. Black velvet would like nice as well. 

You will need: 
1 picture frame
a glue gun and glue stick 
a piece of fabric cut 1 inch larger than the cardboard backing

Notes: If your fabric covered cardboard doesn't stay in place once you pop it in, simply use some heavy duty tape lined on the backside of the frame to reinforce it.  You will also need to hang this frame on two nails to keep it from moving side to side when jewelry is put on and taken off. 

I took my creation a step further...  There were a string of faux pearls that looked like my Grandma was going to restring, but never got to it.  I thought it would be nice to glue the beads to straight pins and use those pins to hang my jewelry on the board.   Well, as long as I got the glue gun out, right?

Not only was I displaying some of my Grandmother's favorite jewelry but I gave the board meaning.  I know I will think of her often.

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Warning: You may never think of your jewelry the same way again. 

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 From my house, to your house, HAPPY HUNTING!

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