Monday, February 4, 2013

REWORK Your Possessions-- A REPURPOSE Inspiration


Adapt for use in a different purpose.

Repurposing is a gift that I have had since I was a little girl. Being an only child, I had to use my imagination...A LOT.

The SECRET is as simple as this; use your IMAGINATION.    
Here are some random items that you might have hanging around your house.  Think twice before you kick them to the curb...
A CHALKBOARD from a children's wooden puzzle board:
We all have or have had them.  This one was missing a few pieces and just as it was headed to the garbage, I had a great idea.
Turn it over, paint it with some chalkboard paint and use it for a cheese board!

These come in all shapes and sizes--for more FUN!
An instant CHEESE BOARD!  Now your guests can easily identify your cheeses.

Other uses:
You could leave a note by the phone for a family member...
The kiddos can use it to practice their letters...
or use it for a drinking station or dessert table.

When my cheese board is not in use, it hangs out on a bookshelf in the kitchen with a cute little saying...

A new BAR TRAY from an old piece of art:
This framed picture has been in the tag sale pile for over a year.
By adding a Mr. & Mrs. piece of scrapbook paper, I gave this old picture NEW LIFE.  

A fun way to add a little personality to your bar and serve your guests.  Kinda cute, right?

A NEW TRAY from a broken mirrored tray:
This mirror may have cost me seven years of bad luck,  but with a quick cover-up using wrapping paper and decoupage, it's like it ever happened.
Now, it's back in the game as my "inbox".  
For an inexpensive way to spruce up your wingback, check out my tutorial on how to recover a wing back chair.  

A BIG CHALKBOARD from another piece of old artwork:
Flip the artwork over and paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

Or by covering the backing with fabric, you can make your own fabric inspiration board.
Sorry, mine is a little sloppy...

A BEDAZZLED PILLOW from an antique earring or broach:
Super easy and just the right touch to take your pillows to another level.  For some other ideas on using vintage jewelry click here.

Some oldies, but goodies:

 By using coffee filters and tissue paper, I made this stunning string of lights for my daughters room.  Click here for the details and read how to embellish a girls room for under $40.

A VASE from a mason jar:

Mason jars are everywhere.  While a vase is an all-time favorite use, I really like using them as a FROSTY beer mug too.  These little guys have so many uses other than canning your harvest.   
I like to put a pretty ribbon around the mouth to dress it up.  
To read about a horse party on a budget click here.
Must be the "southern" in me... 
Bottoms up!

A Basket turned DOG BED:

Click here to read about Coopers accommodations...

And some of my favorite from the web...

I love how Kristen transformed a brass bowl from Goodwill into a hanging light--
                                  The Hunted Interior

Cassidy makes some super cool chandeliers from reclaimed wood.  Mirrors, barn doors, white washed wood, mosaic wood patterns, are some of the fun ways she builds them.    The possibilities are endless! 
Photo: Be amazing at whatever it is you do!  Working to perfect our craft here at Urban Chandy.
                                                          Urban Chandy
                                                 You can find them on Etsy here.

And a couple of mirrors made of SPOONS!
 Addicted 2 Decorating


I love this idea of Spray painting JEWELRY!
a pair-and a spare

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?  Are you thinking about some of your things in a different way?  

To the imagination in All of us! 



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  1. So many great ideas for transforming things we already have!
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    Mary Alice

  2. So many great ideas here! I just threw out several wooden puzzles that were missing pieces :( Boo.

    Thanks for linking up!


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