Monday, October 22, 2012

Homemade by Holly

Giddy-Up, Birthday Girl!

When my daughter said she wanted to ride horses for her birthday this year, it all sounded so good.  I quickly got right to work, checking my favorite "go to"--Pinterest.  
(Don't you just love Pinterest?!)

I got some great ideas for a Horse themed party and came up with a few ideas of my own.  

The inspiration was endless.  
Google Image Result for
Horse Cupcakes

How to make carrot party favors...cute for Easter, horse, farm parties
Carrot Party Favors

Horse party
Using Play Horses

Chalkboard Paint Platter

So these ideas were a great starting point and now I had to put my own spin on them. 

First up, those beautiful cupcakes-

 Now,  I would love to trace a silhouette of a horse on wax paper with melted chocolate in a icing bag, but that's just NOT going to happen. Tracing some 30 + said chocolate horses...yeah right.   

My spin includes vanilla cupcakes, light pink frosting dusted with a pinch of coconut topped with a mini plastic horse.  I decided to mix in some store bought chocolate cupcakes for interest.

Party Favors-

The carrot party favor with the surprise swizzle stick lollipop is no doubt adorable.  I happened to have orange and light green  tissue paper on hand and decided to try that instead of the the napkin and tulle.  

The end result:  just as adorable tied with a grosgrain ribbon

I ransacked the house for all the kids play horses and some mason jars.  Nice little touches for easy decorations....

Embellishing the Mason jars with grosgrain ribbon gave just the little touch the jars needed.  

Look how cute that Parmesan shaker is!
I absolutely love the silver platter with chalkboard paint and I could see this being used for multiple occasions.  
Placed on a  small plate easel it speaks to your guests...

And heck, while I got the chalkboard paint out, I can think of a few other things I'd like to paint.  Place card holders and gift tags all became my subjects, for my words.  
What says an outside Fall party more than apple cider and apple cider doughnuts? 
That's a given... 

I placed the drink dispenser on a plant stand and it was a perfect fit.  
Bonus:  the lower tray is a place to hold the cups!

With a little bit of imagination, some inspiration and a little bit of homemade, you can have a party any little girl would love.

Happy 6th Birthday My Darling Hannah Ryan!

And some highlights from the day...

And don't forget the horse pinata...

He didn't last long after this "crew" got to him!

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  1. I love your take on the inspiration. I love pinterest, I wonder what I ever did before it.


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