Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two OLD Pieces, Two NEW Ways...

Hello, Hello People!

Today I have a little inspiration for all those people who want to recover an ottoman, but are afraid to try.  You can do it and it can look like this...

Ooooo...Ahhhhh...look at that nailhead trim!

This glider ottoman was a gift from my Uncle when my daughter was born. I propped my tired feet on it every day rocking my babies to sleep for the last 6 years. 

The kids have gotten bigger and their rooms have gotten smaller, so I have no need for a gliding rocker or gliding ottoman, for that matter. 

Since it's a "gliding" ottoman, I tied a string around the hardware where the glider glides on all four sides.  This made the ottoman stable.  You could use zip ties too...

Looking through a bin of fabric, I found an old padded chair cover with a navy and cream toile pattern.   I instantly had a brilliant idea...

I guess you could say I was a little LAZY...I could drag out my sewing machine, make the piping, sew it to another fabric of choice, but I really liked the idea of getting the look without all the work...

The chair cover had just enough padding already, and some great piping too. The skirt also happens to go all the way around the chair...

Are you thinking, what I'm thinking? :)

Place the seat of the cover over the top of the ottoman and cut about 3 inches down and all around the chair. (You will pin the skirt back on in a minute.)

When you get to the part that goes over the "back" of the chair, pull or rip the piping off, but do not cut it.  

Cut the "back" off 3 inches down and take out the padding.

view of the side with the "back" part

Place the piping back across the top and hot glue or sew back to the chair.  (The piping will lay right on top of the seam of where the "back" part started.) 

Staple all 4 sides of the fabric tightly to the ottoman.

Are YOU with me, yet?

Last, staple the skirt back on  and add a little nailhead trim to kick it up a notch.  

You can buy a roll of nailhead trim for about $20.  I like the "rope" where you hammer a nail in every 5th hole or so.  It makes it soooo much easier.

What do you think about my NEW Ottoman?

Some other SUPER EASY Nailhead upholster projects:
Here's my reupholstered Craigslist chair for $35!

mini mudroom makeover inspired this chair project for the foyer.  

What do you say? Are you gonna try it? 
Or am I gonna have to come over and do it for you? :)

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