Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guest Post - My Bathrooms Blog | 7 Simple Tricks to Change the Look of Your Bathroom

Today I am introducing Sue Jason, a guest contributor from My-Bathrooms Blog.  Sue is going to share '7 simple tips to change the look of your bathroom'.  

I am always looking for inspiration to start a new project or add another layer to an existing room.  I hope this article inspires you too.  

7 Simple tricks to Change the Look of Your Bathroom


Does your bathroom look a little dull and boring? Maybe even a bit tired and scruffy? Here is how to transform your bathroom into the gleaming modern convenience of which you have always dreamed!

1 Color Scheming

When it comes to bathroom décor it does not take much to throw off your color scheme and ruin the effect that you are aiming for. Pick your décor colors – no more than three – and stick to them religiously. If you allow other colors to intrude into the décor they can easily swamp and drown out your planned color scheme, so choose your towels, facecloths and curtains all from colors within your plans.

2 Keep Size in Mind

Whenever you are redoing your bathroom, keep the dimensions of the room in mind at all times. Buying furniture that is too big for the room is appalling, but it is almost as bad to choose small furniture that will sit, completely swamped by acres of empty – and therefore wasted – space.

3 Store it up

Make allowance for plenty of bathroom storage and if you are in any doubt, err on the size of generosity. You will be surprised at how much ‘stuff you need to get in there, so put storage receptacles into every available nook and cranny. Just clearing the clutter and detritus of daily life off the surfaces will open up your bathroom in the most amazing way.

4 Do Not Go Cheap

Never be tempted to buy fake, cheap and inferior products. Rather spend your hard-earned cash on good-quality products that will last a long time and look good for ages. If you cut corners, you will regret it in a surprisingly short time.

5 Have a Bit of Fun
Smith Bathroom Bucks, photographer Jamie Mason

In your bathroom décor avoid pure practicality, despite the shortage of space and room. If you furnish your bathroom plainly, only putting in the bare basics you will soon find that your bathroom has all the charm and personality of a hotel facility! Add small, but cheerful touches that express your personality to infuse the room with the essence of you!

6 Invest in Accessories

While accessories are one of the cheapest parts of redoing your bathroom, they are very important. It is the sight of the accessories that helps to complete your décor, pulling your theme together and having a great visual impact.

7 Light Up Your Life

Consider replacing your current light fitting if your bathroom always seems gloomy and shadowed. Invest in a modern, sleek fitting that allows the light to flood out without dazzling you to beautifully show off your newly decorated bathroom.

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Thanks Sue for those great tips and inspiration...

Are you inspired to make some changes in your bathroom? I am!

From my house to your house, Happy Hunting!

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