Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Bunny Cookies Tutorial | An Adorable Treat for Easter

Hi Ya'll!

Easter is approaching and its time to break out the tricks in your bag.  Just for fun here's one of mine, I hope you will enjoy.

You will need:
1 Package of Sugar cookie mix
1 Can of white frosting
1 Package of large pink marshmallows (for floppy ears)
1 Package of small white marshmallows (for tails)
black sprinkles (for eyes)
Clean cooking shears or scissors
An egg cookie cutter

Build your bunnies: Bake you sugar cookies as directed and let them cool.

Frost your eggs with white frosting.  
I swirl a little frosting where the tail will go...

Add a tail! (small marshmallow cut in half.)

For the floppy ears...
Using scissors, slice almost to the end of the marshmallow...

not quite clipping all the way through..

Then slice all the way down right next to the previous cut... breaking the ears free!

The marshmallow will curl as you cut...creating the perfect 'floppy' ears.
(You will be able to get 3 sets of ears per 1 large marshmallow.)

Next place your floppy ears on the cookie..

Adding the black sprinkles is the last step in creating these adorable Easter Treats!

You want to decorate the bunnies while the icing is fresh and soft so the marshmallows and sprinkles will 'stick'.

Now sit back and be the 'ooh and ahh' of your Easter celebration!  I'm taking mine to our neighborhoods Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

*I found it easy to have a tiny amount of frosting on a toothpick and pick the sprinkles up with that.  It's a lot easier to get the eyes right the first time.

*I also found it helpful when slicing the marshmallows  to keep a wet warm washcloth close by to wipe the blades when they got messy.  This ensures clean and curly bunny ears.

*I have tried mini chocolate chips for the eyes but I prefer the tiny chocolate sprinkles.

* You can also use pink jelly beans for the ears, but I like the marshmallow floppy ears better.

Aren't these little bunnies adorable? Do you have any Easter tricks in your bag? 

For more spectacular Easter inspiration, click here for my Pinterest board on Easter.

From my house, to your house, Happy Hunting!

Happy Easter Ya'll!

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