Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Tree of Love Tutorial | Spread the LOVE Ya'll

Hey, Hey, Hey

The National Day of Love is around the corner..  have you planned your heart attack? 
(Get it?)

We celebrate by making valentines for our friends and family, decorating our tree of love and make some fun heart shaped sugar cookies together.  These are just a few of the traditions we do and I hope my kiddos hold them close to their heart and share with their own families some day.

Spread the love: Today I am sharing our Tree of Love with a tutorial.

This tree has been used in our house for Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Whatever.. by changing out the pail at the bottom and the ornaments, the possibilities are endless.  And with this baby on the table, it's a constant reminder of what the little hands of love did to make it so pretty.  It instantly makes me smile.

Step 1.  Purchase a tree branch, green moss, and a piece of floral foam  from your local craft store.

Step 2. Find a small pail or basket for your tree.

Step 3.  Assemble the floral foam and tree together in the bucket.  You can place a couple of rocks inside on top to give it some weight.

Step 4.  Add the green moss to the top.

Step 5.  Have fun decorating your tree of love!  You can use anything from scrapbook paper, colored paper, tissue paper, glitter, pom poms, etc.  You can even write out all the names of your family.

Get the whole family involved!

Fact: This tree was given to my mom 20+ years ago after a celebration in her life.  Her co-workers and friends tied money around the branches to wish her good luck in her celebration.  I always thought that was such a cool idea-- a money tree.  Who'd have thought this little branch would have brought so much happiness into our lives for so many years?  It just goes to show you can repurpose things to give them a new purpose and it can turn into something meaningful now.  I have a feeling this tree isn't going anywhere anytime soon...

Happy Valentines Day Ya'll!  

Have you ever received or gifted a money tree?  Do you like the idea of a tree of love?

From my house to your house, Happy Hunting!

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  1. Hey hey! This one is awesome! I never imagine how to make one. I think I can do it in different colors and in different design. One of the best projects I have seen so far. Thanks for this!

    Sebastian Chuter


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