Thursday, May 2, 2013

Peek- A-Boo, I See You!

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I am busting at the seams as I write this today. Literally.  I will probably have to put a bathing suit on next month.  The very thought is making me drink spinach and fruit smoothies.  Twice a day. Have you tried those? And taking boot camp classes  at the gym from a chick that has the word ARMY printed across her t-shirt and blonde spiked hair. My days are numbered...

Okay. Back to the REAL reason for why we are here.  The hubs and I have been busy getting the BEACH HOUSE ready for summer.  I have DUG DEEP  and SHOPPED WIDE, looking for vintage chic pieces, but staying within a budget.  

As we all know, or are learning--life is about the moments.  These are the little VISUAL MOMENTS that I'm enjoying right now.  We are close, but still have some work to do.  I will be posting many "before and after's", but this is just a taste.
Here's a little peek at the kiddos room...
I am obsessed with this Nautical School House light!  
The shade is a random sheet I found and made into a no-sew roman shade. You won't believe this transformation!  As soon as everything is done, I will share it.

Pharmacy lamps are on the LOVE LIST too.
What a difference!

A fresh coat of paint for the front door tells a new chapter for this house.  I originally thought it would be painted a light faint yellow, but the classic black won my heart again. Who knows, maybe I'll change it again...  Do you long for a shiny black door?

Unpacking my moms antique Milk glass Collection...

Two vintage globes dug out of a junk pit, sit proudly atop this built-in corner cabinet.  It's like they were made for each other.

The current Sunroom paint color is the faintest blue green chosen by the previous owners.  I am still undecided on what color to paint this room.  It is an extension off of the kitchen and I have a feeling, it will be the heart of this home.
The chairs are from Target's Threshold Collection.

Even the glassware has a classic vintage feel.  Perhaps an "Enjoy Diet Coke" glass would be better suit me....

The little bitty bathroom has a new look too...

 I am really excited about the light fixture in here. I guess you'll have to wait and see...

We recently received a very thoughtful gift from our friends, The Sullivan's.  
Isn't it awesome?!

What do you think?  Any suggestions for the Sunroom paint color? Are you excited to see the "before and after's"? Have you too tried the spinach and fruit smoothie?



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  1. i love the colors/patterns in that bath, and those globes were in the trash?! seriously?!?

  2. OOooh I cant wait to see more!

  3. New to your blog. Love your style.

  4. Love this! And I love the fabric (shower curtain?) in the bath. Where did you find it?? Featuring you on Frugal Friday this week. :-)

    1. Yay! You just made my week, Wendy! The shower curtain is Mudhut from Target..I fell in love with it instantly. The bathroom is turning out to be one of my favorite rooms in this beach house. I will share when it's finished. ;) Thanks so much for the feature!

  5. I just blog-stalked you from The Shabby Nest to find out about the shower curtain also. I'm looking for curtains for my family room...I love these!


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