Friday, January 23, 2015

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Hello Readers, 

Recently I was contacted by to design a room around one of their auctioned paintings.  If you're not familiar with they offer premier on-line world auctions--featuring  paintings, furniture, jewelry, rugs, collectibles and even wine and toys from all over they world.  This would be the place to get something truly unique for your room or splurge on something exquisite for yourself or someone special.  

I love it when companies or clients contact me to design a room around one thing.  One of my favorite things about design is-- the starting point.  Not knowing what you will create, but when you are done, absolutely loving what you've created.  The room could have taken on another look if it was based around say a rug or a piece of furniture...  That's the part that makes me truly appreciate where I go with each room I design.  

There are so many paintings to chose from at Whether its seascapes, animal oil paintings ( I am a huge fan of the dog pointer paintings), European art, posters, photography prints and even sculptures.  

I decided to search the "seascapes"  paintings and I found this great painting of a sailing ship by Elisio Bolino San Giacomo for $100. 

The painting has a masculine feel to it so I instantly knew I would be designing a room for The World Traveler who happens to live on the beach.  The purpose is to bring in some nautical aspects of the room, but not make the room too cliche'--A room that will express the love of the beach, but also have the masculine undertones of a man that appreciates the world..  And the Beachy, Eclectic Traveler is born.

The Turkish rug, brown leather chair and natural driftwood shades offer the perfect balance of relaxed-texture and keep with a masculine flair them of the room.   A cube ottoman provides extra seating in a pinch.  Silver, gold  and antique bronze are mixed through out the room and bring the room to life.  I chose Benjamin Moore's Grey Horse as an accent wall behind the couch and painting-- I love how it interacts with the colors in the painting and make it pop. 

Nautical elements: Driftwood shade, Couch, Port-hole mirror, oil painting, floor telescope, green bottle, sleek flush mount lighting, & iron and wood side table.

Worldly collections:  Leather Chair, the aged curio cabinet, Turkish carpet, globes, a collection of books, gold floor lamp, & grey nail head trim ottoman.

Thank you to for the opportunity to inspire me to create a room that has so much to talk about.  I do happen to have someone in mind for this project... 

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!

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