Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Toys, Toilets & Table Tops--Just another Tuesday for ME!

Every now and then I like to REFRESH my TABLE TOPS.  Nothing gets me happy like a nice, simple table top.  Not too much...not too little.

Lately, I have been admiring some beautiful TERRANIUMS on the Internet and in magazines.  They are something to see for sure!  ORCHIDS are among some of the beauties...

As luck would have it, the kiddos bought me one for Mothers Day.  It came in a rose pink pot (not my favorite of the pink colors) so I have been itching to work it out.

I took a little trip down to the basement and searched through my "inventory" to find some glass vases...

One day I will show you where my "inventory" lives.  We had a second home that I designed on a budget and sold, so the things I just could not part with made their way into 12 Rubbermaid tubs.  12 Rubbermaid tubs that have their own storage rack.  Then there are about 15 more Rubbermaid tubs that my mom brought me,  but that's another story...

Here's my new dining room center piece...

I left my orchid in the plastic container it came in, placed it in a glass pedestal vase and stuffed the sides with Spanish moss. 

 The moss hides the plastic container perfectly.

I love the color of violet with the pop of green--whatever that little thing is...

I took another glass globe, added the Spanish moss and stuck a faux violet in the center.  

I collect glass candlesticks--I really don't care if it has a mate.  A few years ago I started using the short votive candles instead of "sticks".

The kitchen needed some work too...

I took my bowl with my beloved green apples and added a couple things...

Hot pink roses, green apples, and white porcelain all in a basket paired with black and white striped balloon shades.  The simple things in life!  One of my favorite color palettes.

And of course, a little TRICK to get your balloon shades fuller.  Add 3 white grocery bags to each "hump"--just bunch them up and stuff.  

I got these Waverly balloon shades from Target about 8 years ago for about $20.  I absolutely love them!  
To see a full makeover of my kitchen click here.

What do you like to put on your tabletop?  I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Love the basket on the kitchen table. You can never go wrong with a bowl of apples.I confess that lately my tables have been piled up with junk, instead of something pretty. I don't know where my time goes!

  2. Both vignettes are fabulous. Love your dining room and your breakfast room. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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