Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fly little butterfly, FLY!

Hello People!

It's that time of the year again!  The sun is shining and the libations are floating--well almost--I am not in the pool yet.

My favorite time of the year has arrived!  Do you feel it?

The birds are singing, the butterflies are fluttering--  it's time for social gatherings, neighborly visits and lots and lots of birthday parties.

As I was wrapping some gifts and organizing some wine for some hostesses for our Spring/Summer line up, I was inspired by DIY magazine butterflies.  Click here to see the Pinterest inspiration.  While I make mine a little differently than this site, I can't take all the credit.  Did I mention how much I LOVE Pinterest?!  Click here to see my Pinterest boards. 

What better way to embellish a gift or a bottle of wine than with a glorious butterfly?!  Shoot, I'd even slap one on a bottle of Vodka, Skinny Girl Margarita, or Irish Wiskey!

I used a Spring issue of Vogue and some gold foil ribbon I had on hand to create these...

They are JUST perfect!  What a great way to set your gifts apart from others!  

Seriously, these take just MINUTES to make and you could make a whole mess to have on hand when you need them.  I thought the spring Vogue magazine was perfect because the pops of color in all the ads.  BUT I must say, as I was excited about the pops of color, I would turn the butterfly over and I also am also very fond of the muted toned butterfly too.

Quick tip-- if you don't happen to have  the right paper for the right gift, wrap the gift with the paper inside out.  On most wrapping paper the back side is white.   

Get the kids involved! Use your childs masterpieces as the wrapping paper.  I always have my kids make a card a few days before the gathering.  I feel like it really teaches them about the "thought" and gets them in the habit  to REALLY appreciate each birthday they are about to celebrate.  They come up with some pretty funny stuff for those cards!  To me, that's so much better than buying some random card from a store.

Stay tuned to see what I do with these in my daughters room...

From my House to your House, Happy Hunting!


Cut two squares 3x3 and 2x2 and fold just like those fans we used to make in elementary school. 

Put the bigger square on top of the smaller square and tie close with thread or raffia. 

Cut the top points rounded and blunt cut the bottom wings.  You may have to play with it a little...  The more you make, the better they are!

Fly little butterfly, FLY!
 photo bcae8504-8846-4d56-8a1e-e38ee54656cf_zpsf2f14c24.jpg

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